OBS Studio now offers native support for Apple silicon

OBS Studio now offers native support for Apple silicon

A new version of OBS Studio has been released,  bringing many new changes to the software. OBS Studio 28 is a significant upgrade compared to previous versions, bringing HDR 10-bit color support, a UI framework using Qt6, support for ScreenCaptureKit, and more. While there are a lot of improvements and changes, it comes at a cost, with some older operating systems losing support.

If unfamiliar with OBS Studio, it is a popular free open-source app frequently used for live streaming. The app offers many different options and can be customized in several ways. Despite being a powerful tool, it also offers support for third-party plug-ins. The app is also compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS. With something as intensive as OBS Studio, it is essential to have a native version so that the app can take advantage of all the power a computer offers. Despite Apple launching its M1 processor nearly two years ago, it has taken some time for apps to gain native support.

    Apple silicon laptops featuring M1 and M2 processors

Apple knew this could be a problem, and it was careful when switching over to its own chips. The firm found a way for existing Intel apps to run on Apple silicon computers using Rosetta 2 technology. For the most part, the results were impressive. While it isn’t entirely necessary to have a native Apple silicon version of an app, it does allow the app to run more efficiently.

You can now download the latest app version directly from the OBS website listed in the link below. Just be sure to choose the macOS version that corresponds to your computer. If you are using an Intel model, download the Intel version. Download the Apple Silicon version if you are using a Mac with Apple Silicon. As mentioned before, the new release of OBS Studio drops support for older versions of macOS, with the minimum requirement being macOS Catalina 10.15 or later.

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