OCMan: A Low Memory Start Menu Replacement

OCMan: A Low Memory Start Menu Replacement

Have you ever felt like your device slows down a bit when you open your Start Menu on WM 6.5 and up? According to XDA member ocman, this is because 6.5.x UI has a start menu that eats roughly 10 MB of memory. So, based on the work of kenia1234, he created a Sense styled Start Menu replacement that run on much less RAM. When the app is installed, the start menu completely switches to this one, which gives you 4 columns of a square grid array of icons with panels on the bottom. This reduces the amount of scrolling as well.

Hello everybody, have finished my modification of kenia1234 sense startmenu replacement, using CHTeditor I have seen we can change programpages from 4 to 5 columns, wanted to do the same on kenia startmenu replacement…here is the result…

This is my first try in modding manila files, and I am quite happy to have understand the thing in half a day, hash file name is really a pain to work with…

But now I have what I wanted, a really usable start menu ( not too much long to scroll like list or 4 columns), included in the cab, shortcut to control panels item so you can disable the Windows mobile start menu to same a great 10mb of RAM, this hack to disabling completely the startmenu is from arto, I have attached the startmenu disabler for wm 6.5 and for wm 6.5.x, Install this to gain system memory…

You can find more information in the application thread.

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