New Oculus Quest update brings multitasking and wireless streaming to the original headset

New Oculus Quest update brings multitasking and wireless streaming to the original headset

Facebook has rolled out the v30 update for the Oculus Quest and the Oculus Quest 2 VR headsets, bringing a new multitasking interface for Infinite Office, accessibility improvements, and more. Apps can be placed side-by-side, so you can multitask between apps like Explore, Store, Browser, Events, Oculus TV, Oculus Move, Scoreboards, and more. If you own the original Quest, then v30 is an even bigger update, as wireless streaming over Air Link can now be enabled too. Keep in mind that Facebook tends to slowly roll out updates, so you might not get it immediately. It doesn’t seem to bring advertisements to everyone yet, though, which is definitely a plus.


The update (via The Verge) is releasing today and brings with it other features too, like microphone swapping and new accessibility features. Generally, major new features on the Oculus Quest can be accessed and enabled in the Experimental Features section, such as the new multitasking menu. Once the multitasking menu is enabled, restart your headset and you’ll then be able to drag 2D apps from your Universal Menu bar or Apps library into one of three positions.

The v30 update also adds a whole new accessibility tab in the Oculus Settings menu, though it houses some features that already existed, such as the ability to change text size. However, new features are added too. The first one is color correction, which increases the legibility of colors that are commonly difficult to differentiate; this can help those who suffer from some form of color blindness. You can switch between three options: Deuteranomaly (green-red), Protanomaly (red-green), and Tritanomaly (blue-yellow).

The second feature enables you to experience VR from a “standing” vantage point even while physically seated. There’s a new “Raise View” feature under the Experimental Features menu. Enabling it will raise your viewing height by 16 inches (0.4 meters) in supported apps until you confirm or redraw a Guardian boundary, or until you turn the Quest headset off.

There’s also a new microphone swapping toggle in the Universal Menu, which lets you switch between party chat and app chat on the fly.

Finally, the biggest new feature is the introduction of Air Link to the original Oculus Quest. Air Link lets you stream PC VR games to the Oculus Quest without needing an Oculus Link cable, though it was initially only available for Quest 2 users. Now it’s rolling out for the original Quest — so long as you meet the set of strict requirements for it to work effectively, anyway. You’ll need at least a 5GHz WiFi network using an AC or AX router that’s connected via Ethernet to your PC, and your PC still needs to meet Oculus Link requirements.

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