Here’s the Official Changelog for Huawei Mate 9’s Android Oreo Beta Update

Here’s the Official Changelog for Huawei Mate 9’s Android Oreo Beta Update

Just a few days back, we published an exclusive first look at the upcoming Android Oreo update for the Huawei Mate 9. We later learned that this update is actually branded as EMUI 8.0. Surprisingly, Huawei themselves opened up an official beta test for the Mate 9—though it was limited to 250 participants in Germany who have the international variant of the device. If you are one of the many who didn’t get in to the beta, then I’m sure you are itching to find out what Huawei is testing behind closed doors. Though our hands-on uncovered most of the big (and some hidden) features, we now have the official changelog of this Android Oreo beta update for the Huawei Mate 9.

Official Changelog for Huawei Mate 9 Android Oreo Beta (Summary)

I will summarize the changelog as I was requested to not reproduce the whole thing in its entirety. If you wish the read the entire changelog with the marketing speak intact, then go here.

  • Bluetooth dual connectivity: Huawei states that the Mate 9 can now “connect to two different Bluetooth devices at the same time, such as a band and a car.” Whether or not this is similar in scope to the Galaxy S8/S8+/Note 8’s feature remains to be seen.
  • Speed: Huawei promises “AI-based optimizations” that “deliver greater stability, fluidity, and speed.” The update promises to have your device boot more quickly, play videos more fluidly, and load images more rapidly. It’s not exactly clear what optimizations Huawei did to achieve these goals.
  • Safety: Besides “enhanced protection” for your data, Huawei is also updating their “PrivateSpace” feature. Huawei is making it easier to create a PrivateSpace and users can now move files between the MainSpace and PrivateSpace.
  • 3D Panoramas: Huawei is bringing its 3D panorama feature from its Chinese variant to its international variant. It was possible to sideload this camera plugin already, but hey, it’s nice to see that this feature is no longer a regional exclusive.
  • 3D Dynamic Lock Screen Wallpapers: pretty self-explanatory, but if we grab some screenshots we’ll be sure to post them
  • Floating navigation dock: This is a new way to navigate on your device. You can perform swipe actions on a floating dock that will trigger your typical navigation actions. More details and screenshots can be found in our hands-on article.
  • App shortcuts: since Huawei skipped over Android 7.1 for most of its devices, they are now adding this Android 7.1 feature in their Oreo update.
  • Split-screen Facebook Messenger button: if you receive a heads-up notification from Facebook Messenger, there will be a new button to enter split-screen mode without having to open up recents or switch to that application first. Apparently this button is only there for Facebook Messenger, but we bet that the Chinese update will add this feature for WeChat or other IM solutions.
  • Improved false touch protection: one of the key features that Huawei touted when unveiling the Mate 9 was its ability to reject erroneous touch inputs from the user. Now Huawei is promising that this feature will be even more accurate in detecting false touches.
  • Notification coloring: like Android Oreo’s notification coloring feature for music apps, Huawei states that text on the lock screen and notification panel will automatically change color according to the background color. Although, they don’t specify if this is limited to only music apps like it is on Google’s version.
  • Smart tips: this one I’ll quote because it’s self-explanatory: “smart tips recommend you faster and smarter ways to operate your phone, appearing in specific usage scenarios and responding to your usage habits.”
  • Smart notifications: New smart notifications classify your notifications based on how you use your phone, promising to let you see your most important notifications first.
  • LinkedIn integration: Contacts and Email can sync the career details of your LinkedIn contacts
  • Gallery recycle bin: recycle bin stored deleted photos up to 30 days

Interested in learning how to install this beta build on your Mate 9? Instructions on how to do so can be found here.

This information was provided for me by FunkyHuawei, a service which lets you install pre-release Huawei firmwares, recover bricked devices, and rebrand/convert China region phones to international variants. The service will support the Mate 10 upon release. 

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