Official CM14 For OnePlus 3

Official CM14 For OnePlus 3

We finally have an official nightly build of CyanogenMod 14 for the OnePlus 3. Miles loaded it onto his phone for this video ROM review. This is the first nightly, so don’t expect everything to be fully working, but it does seem to be ready for daily use.


Going into the settings you’ll find all of your customization menus. You’ll have the three different OnePlus menus that you’re already familiar with. There’s also a menu for button settings, gestures, and additional buttons.


Right now the battery icon doesn’t change when plugged in. You’ll see your battery icon with the percentage enabled. You’ll just have to monitor it to make sure it’s charging, for now.


In the status bar menu, you’re able to tweak the status bar icons as well as modify the clock style. As of right now the battery status style setting does not work. This will most likely be fixed in future nightly releases.

Download this ROM for your OnePlus 3 here.

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