Official Email States the Essential Phone Will be Delivered “in a Few Weeks”

Official Email States the Essential Phone Will be Delivered “in a Few Weeks”

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Almost two full months ago the father of Android officially unveiled the Essential Phone to the world. An Android device from Andy Rubin and his new team hopes to disrupt the market that some feel has stagnated because major OEMs have delayed innovation as of late. The device was said to have been ready and on the doorsteps of pre-order customers sometime in June but orders were delayed and now we’re told that it should be in customers’ hands “in a few weeks.”

We still haven’t been given an official reason as to why the device was delayed as long as it has been. Some speculate that it could be from the company’s new international expansion plans. We have been told that Essential has plans to launch the device in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Western Europe and Japan. Some countries will have to wait longer than others but a recent interview said the U.S. launch is imminent.

Now we know what Essential meant when they said imminent as they’re currently sending out a mass email to those who pre-registered for the device. The email starts out by thanking the person for putting their name down to show interest in purchasing the Essential Phone. Then we’re told that the company is currently busy putting the Essential Phone through certification and testing with multiple carriers in both the Untied States as well as other parts of the world.

So we know that the device is currently being certified by a number of carriers and this may have been what held back the release. Still, if the device hits another bump during the certification and testing process, then it could hold back the release even further. However, it seems that they’re confident in where they’re at right now so hopefully things won’t come to that. The new information in the email then says “rest assured that you will have a device in your hands in a few weeks.”

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