Official Nextbit Robin 7.1.1 Update is now Available

Official Nextbit Robin 7.1.1 Update is now Available

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The Nextbit Robin is a great 2016 mid-range smartphone for Android enthusiasts. The phone launched with Android Marshmallow on board, but thanks to support from the company users have been able to treat themselves to some sweet Nougat-y flavor via custom ROMs. Eventually, the company released an official Android 7.0 Nougat update back in March, and today the team has officially published a factory image of Android 7.1 for the device.

The history of software updates for the phone is somewhat interesting. Back in November 2016, a beta version of Nougat was released thanks to the support of the Paranoid Android team. A few months later, in January, the company was acquired by Razer Inc. Following that move, production of the Nextbit Robin halted, though the company promised that the acquisition wouldn’t spell the end of support for the phone. Following on that promise, Razer released the official Nougat update in March, though that update was based on Android 7.0 not Android 7.1 which was the latest release.

Now, a factory image of Android 7.1.1 is available on the Razer forum for the Nextbit Robin. At this time, the kernel source is only available for version 7.0 of the build. We hope that Razer will update this code soon. While the Robin is no longer being sold by Razer, the gaming giant has pledged to keep releasing software updates and security patches for the phone through February 2018.

The installation procedure is very similar to the one used for Nexus/Pixel devices. If you want to update your Robin, you need a working fastboot setup and a bit of patience. The installer asks to preserve the user data, so you don’t have to worry about losing anything precious.

Get the Android 7.1 Factory Image for the Nextbit Robin!

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