Official Reddit for Android beta lets you crosspost and quote posts without losing your draft

Official Reddit for Android beta lets you crosspost and quote posts without losing your draft

The Official Reddit for Android app has hit beta version 3.5.0 and it’s available in a closed channel. The update adds some life-improving changes, as well as a couple of bug fixes.

Edit profile via the app

Before this update, if you wanted to edit your profile, you had to visit the Reddit website. Now, you can just tap on the “edit” button next to your display name and username. Here you can update your avatar, banner, display name, and About section. Also, you can toggle content visibility and active communities.

Crosspost easily

You can now crosspost any post directly from the share menu. After tapping on “Share,” you just have to tap “Crosspost on Reddit” and select the desired subreddit. Then you can just add an interesting title, add flair if necessary, and post.


Those were the most visual changes you’ll notice. Others are bug fixes and overall improvements. Here’s the full changelog:

  • You can now edit your profile via the app
  • You can create crossposts in the app via the Share button
  • Improvements to search screens and search results
  • Fixed a bug that allowed crossposts from private subreddits
  • When replying to text posts, you can now view and quote the original post without losing your draft
  • Fixed a bug where it would open a blank screen on transitioning back and forth quickly
  • Fixed mod mail compose flow
  • Fixed a crash due to inbox badge count

Reddit v3.5.0 is available as a closed beta. But, if you want to test it now, grab the download link below.

Download Reddit for Android 3.5.0

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