TWRP is now officially available for the Xiaomi Mi A3 and Redmi Note 8 Pro

TWRP is now officially available for the Xiaomi Mi A3 and Redmi Note 8 Pro

For many of us enthusiasts, after unlocking the bootloader, the next step almost always involves replacing the stock recovery with a custom recovery like TWRP, enabling us to enjoy custom ROMs and other mods on our devices. One of the reasons why TWRP is so widely popular compared to other custom recoveries is the sheer number of Android smartphones it supports, with new devices being added to the project on a regular basis. Two new devices have just been added to the list of officially supported devices: the Xiaomi Mi A3 and Redmi Note 8 Pro.

Xiaomi Mi A3

The Xiaomi Mi A3 has had an unofficial port of TWRP available for a while now but if you were one of those holding out for the official build, your wait is finally over — official TWRP is now available for your device. Before you go ahead and set up your phone and PC‌ for the flashing process though, make sure to take some time to read through the flashing instruction. This is because the Xiaomi Mi A3 uses the A/B partition system which doesn’t work well with the standard flashing method. So instead of flashing the recovery with the usual fastboot flash recovery twrp.img command, you will have to boot into recovery from the command line using the fastboot boot twrp.img command. From there you’ll have to navigate to the Advanced > Install Recovery Ramdisk option, select the TWRP recovery image stored on your device storage and manually flash it.


Download Official TWRP for Xiaomi Mi A3

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Redmi Note 8 Pro

The Redmi Note 8 is now also officially supported by TWRP. However, be warned that unlike other Snapdragon-powered Redmi devices, the Redmi Note 8 Pro isn’t very forgiving when it comes to flashing and modding. You may even end up hard bricking your Redmi Note 8 Pro if you commit any error or don’t follow the instructions properly. If you understand the risk involved and still wish to try out TWRP, head over to the link below to download the recovery image and follow along with the flashing instructions.

WARNING: This device hard bricks easily for reasons that have not been properly understood yet. Restoring this device without spending real money or visiting a service center is impossible as of now. Don’t flash TWRP unless you are an advanced user who knows what he is doing.

Download official TWRP for Redmi Note 8 Pro

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