Official TWRP is now available for the Xiaomi Mi A2

Official TWRP is now available for the Xiaomi Mi A2

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The Xiaomi Mi A2 was launched in July 2018, bringing in the sweet taste of vanilla Android through Android One onto Xiaomi’s hardware. While the Mi A2 is a good smartphone, the pricing for the device left it vulnerable to the intense competition in its target markets. Xiaomi later gave the device a permanent price cut, which made it a much sweeter option to purchase than what it started out with.

The Xiaomi Mi A2 also has had a decent run as far as updates and third-party development is concerned. The phone received its Android Pie update in November 2018, and shortly after that, Xiaomi also released kernel sources for the Android Pie update. Since it is an Android One device, it is very easy to unlock the bootloader of the device and root it.

Now, TWRP has also added the Xiaomi Mi A2 to its list of officially supported devices. You can now download and install official TWRP for the device.

Official TWRP for the Xiaomi Mi A2

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