Old But Gold: Sony Ericsson Devices From 2011 Get Marshmallow Support

Old But Gold: Sony Ericsson Devices From 2011 Get Marshmallow Support

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Before making a whole bunch of “Z” devices, Sony, or rather Sony Ericsson, was focused on bringing up some really good and affordable devices. In 2011, Sony released about a dozen mid-range devices that are still quite popular, and not only on XDA.

If you have one of these in your pockets, we have some really exciting news for you – prepare for some marshmallows, as CyanogenMod 13.0 is up and running!

Bringing the latest version of Android to an older device is a challenging task. There are some hardware limitations like storage or RAM and often an old kernel source that makes the porting a pain. A group of developers known as LegacyXperia has put these limitations in the bin and brought impressive builds of CyanogenMod for the following devices:

The list of bugs is very short and contains such things as the FM Radio, ANT+, HDMI and 720p video recording. These things are not deal breakers, so you can use the CyanogenMod 13 as your new daily driver. There is only one requirement that needs to be met – your device must have a fast SD card put in the slot. A class 10 or higher is required. We must admit that seeing the support for such old devices is definitely a pleasure to watch. Some newer devices are left behind while Sony’s development stage is thriving.

If you are interested in development and you have some ideas how to fix things, you can use team’s GitHub and Gerrit to make code contributions. In other scenarios, head over to the development thread to get the latest build for your rocking Xperia phone.