OLED displays could come to the iPad in 2024, MacBooks to follow soon thereafter

OLED displays could come to the iPad in 2024, MacBooks to follow soon thereafter

We’ve been hearing about Apple eventually adopting OLED displays on select iPad models for a while now. The company started using OLED on iPhones very recently — relatively speaking. So it doesn’t surprise us that the technology isn’t ready for the larger iPad screens yet. The Cupertino tech giant has a long history of taking its sweet, sweet time when adopting bigger changes on its devices. That’s to ensure that the new technology is stable enough, durable, and properly implemented. The good news is that Apple could reveal the first iPad with an OLED screen as soon as 2024. The company would reportedly switch to OLED on certain MacBook models after it evaluates the success of OLED iPads.


The Elec has reported that BOE — the Chinese display giant — is preparing to supply Apple with OLED panels. These screens are reportedly aimed at future iPad and MacBook models that we might not see until at least 2024. Apple could release the first OLED iPad towards the end of that year. However, considering we’re around two years away from that, these plans could change by then.

BOE would build Gen 8.6 IT OLED panels at its B16 factory in the city of Chengdu in Sichuan Province, China. The company would be able to produce more panels per substrate — which makes it a more economical process when compared to that of Gen 6. It is also testing the two-stack tandem technology, which is more suited for iPads and MacBooks. That’s because these panels are brighter and last longer. Considering people tend to use iPads and Macs for longer periods of time than iPhones, the build material would have to change accordingly to provide a premium quality and an acceptable life expectancy.

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Source: The Elec

Via: MacRumors

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