Omnia Music Player is a new Material Design audio player with Google Cast and Android Auto support

Omnia Music Player is a new Material Design audio player with Google Cast and Android Auto support

Music Players are a dime a dozen on the Google Play Store, but good music players are rarer. There are a bunch of popular players that have built up their fan following over the years, but it doesn’t hurt to have more options. With that in mind, meet Omnia Music Player, a new audio player with Material Design, Google Cast and Android Auto support, and more.

Omnia Music Player - Features


  •  Free of advertisements.
  • High-resolution audio output.
  • Lossless audio support such as APE.
  • OpenSL / AudioTrack based output methods.
  • Gorgeous user interface with material design.
  • Manage and play music by album, artist, folder, and genre.
  • Smart playlists with most played, recently played, and newly added tracks.
  • Automatic sync missing album/artist images.
  • Fast search across albums, artists, and songs.
  • Volume normalization based on ReplayGain
  • Built-in metadata tag editor (mp3 and more).
  • Display lyrics (embedded and lrc file).
  • Resizable home screen widget.
  • Gapless playback support.
  • 10-band equalizer and 15 pre-built presets.
  • Flexible reverb settings powered by Freeverb.
  • Sound balance adjustment.
  • Play speed adjustment.
  • Crossfade support.
  • Chromecast (Google Cast) support.
  • Google voice commands support.
  • Colorful themes, fully customizable.
  • Background image from gallery.
  • Android Auto support.
  • scrobbling.
  • Sleep timer.

Omnia Music Player comes from the same developer who brought to you Pular Music Player, so there is a lot of similarity between the two. But there are a few key differences. As per the developer, Pulsar utilizes Android’s native decoders and native media store, and is hence bound by the limitations of that decoder such as lack of support for certain media formats, 5-band equalizer, lack of support for white listing in media library, etc. Omnia uses its own decoders and media library, allowing for support for APE lossless audio format, 10-band equalizer and more changes. On the other hand, Pulsar is considered stable, while Omnia is considered to be in beta.

Omnia Music Player XDA Thread

Try out Omnia for yourself, and be sure to leave constructive feedback for the developer!

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