New One UI beta on the Galaxy S9/Galaxy Note 9 adds Android Pie’s Adaptive Battery

New One UI beta on the Galaxy S9/Galaxy Note 9 adds Android Pie’s Adaptive Battery

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Samsung has been rolling out beta updates of One UI (their version of Android Pie) for the Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+, and Galaxy Note 9 for a few weeks now. One UI looks drastically different than Android Pie on other devices, but it has many of the same basic features. However, one Pie feature that was not included was Adaptive Battery, but that changes with the latest beta.

Adaptive Battery is a feature that tries to learn how you use your phone and adjust power accordingly. It will prioritize power for the apps you use the most. If you watch YouTube videos primarily at night, Adaptive Battery can learn to stop the app in the background during the hours it’s not frequently used. The feature is based on AI and promises to get better over time. Samsung is finally adding Adaptive Battery to their devices with the latest One UI beta update.

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Samsung has had a similar feature on their phones in the past, but it wasn’t based on AI. Instead of learning usage patterns it would simply put apps to sleep if they haven’t been used for a certain number of days. Another advantage of Adaptive Battery is it’s built right into the core of Android as opposed to being something the manufacturer has tacked on.

You can find the Adaptive Battery setting on the latest One UI beta by going to Settings > Device Care > Battery icon. On the battery page, tap the three-dot menu icon and select Settings. You will see a toggle for Adaptive Battery, which you can switch on or off.

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