One UI Watch is Samsung’s new OS for smartwatches based on Wear OS

One UI Watch is Samsung’s new OS for smartwatches based on Wear OS

At this year’s I/O developer conference, Google announced that it was working with Samsung on a new platform for smartwatches. While the company didn’t share many details about the new platform at the time, it revealed that it would combine the best features from Wear OS and Tizen. At MWC today, Samsung finally showcased One UI Watch — a new interface for Galaxy smartwatches that “will provide a consistent experience and look with other Galaxy devices.”

During the announcement, Samsung revealed that One UI Watch will make its debut on a new Galaxy Watch “later this summer.” While the company didn’t reveal any details about the smartwatch, it highlighted some of the software capabilities you can expect to see on it.


Auto app installation on One UI Watch

Thanks to One UI Watch, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch will feature support for auto app installation. The feature will make the process of installing apps on your smartwatch much more seamless, as it will automatically install the Wear OS version of the app on your smartwatch as soon as you install the regular version on your Galaxy smartphone.

Settings on One UI Watch

Samsung also gave us a glimpse of the settings menu in One UI Watch, which will closely resemble the layout of the settings menu on One UI for smartphones, giving users a familiar experience. Furthermore, the new platform will automatically sync any customizations you make in the Clock app on your phone to your smartwatch and it will also sync blocked contacts across all connected Galaxy devices.

Apps for One UI Watch

Samsung further revealed that One UI Watch will offer support for the entire Play Store ecosystem, allowing you to easily download all supported Wear OS apps on your smartwatch. The company also revealed that its upcoming smartwatch will feature support for third-party watch faces, and it will also release a new Watch Face design tool to help designers create unique watch faces for the upcoming Galaxy Watch with ease.

Watch face designer for One UI Watch

It’s worth noting that One UI Watch will be a custom interface for Galaxy smartwatches built on top of the new unified platform Samsung and Google co-created. So, it won’t be making its way to smartwatches from other manufacturers. At the moment, Google hasn’t confirmed the name of the unified platform that you’ll find on smartwatches from other manufacturers. While Qualcomm and some smartwatch vendors refer to it as “Wear OS 3.0,” that may not be its actual name.

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