OneNote on the web is getting improved inking and new features

OneNote on the web is getting improved inking and new features

Microsoft has announced a handful of improvements and features making their way to OneNote on the web and Teams. Some of these features have already rolled out to users, and others are just starting to roll out.

Starting with features that are already available in OneNote on the web, there’s an improved copy-and-paste experience that allows you to paste rich content on a OneNote page. If you want, you can also paste text without formatting. Another improvement is the ability to zoom in and out of a OneNote page so you can see things more closely or take a look at the big picture. The last improvement that’s already available is the ability to resize embedded web content on a page, such as a YouTube video.


As for features that are just starting to roll out to OneNote on the web, there’s a new mode switcher so you can choose between editing mode and viewing mode. In fact, this is available for other Office apps on the web, too, and it’s meant to prevent accidental changes if you’re scrolling through a document or page, which might be particularly useful if you’re using a touchscreen.

And on that note, there’s also an improved inking experience, so when you use an active stylus (like the Surface Pen) in OneNote on the web, you’ll automatically start drawing. This is the behavior you expect on the desktop versions of OneNote, so it’s good to see it on the web as well. If you’re using your finger, you can more easily scroll through a page or zoom in and out without accidentally inking. If you do want to draw using your finger, you can enable that option, too.

A couple more features that are rolling out now are the ability to set a picture as the background for a page and remembering the last page you used when you visited OneNote on the web. Like most of these features, it’s what you’d expect in the desktop version of OneNote, but this is bringing the web version up to par.

Finally, in the near future, you’ll get an improved file sharing experience inside Teams. When you attack a OneNote notebook are page to a message, Teams will let you know if the other person doesn’t have permission to access the file. Additionally, you’ll be able to set new permissions for links. For example, you can make it so that a OneNote notebook is available for anyone in the chat you’re sending it to, so you don’t have to think about giving permission to each user. Users who receive a OneNote notebook can also choose to open it in Teams, OneNote on the web, or the OneNote desktop app on their PC.

Most of these features are still rolling out, so you might not be able to see them yet. You can visit OneNote on the web to see if they’re available to you already.

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