OnePlus 10 Pro supports 80W charging, but settles for 65W in North America

OnePlus 10 Pro supports 80W charging, but settles for 65W in North America

The OnePlus 10 Pro has been available in China for a while now, but OnePlus is gearing up to release the phone internationally with a launch event scheduled for March 31. One of the main selling points for the OnePlus 10 Pro in China has been 80W wired charging, but it seems that functionality won’t actually be available to buyers in North America.

OnePlus staff has been answering select questions about the OnePlus 10 Pro in various forum threads, and in one of the replies, a member of the OnePlus Community Team has confirmed the phone won’t support 80W wired fast charging in North America. The post reads, “In North America, the OnePlus 10 Pro supports 65W SUPERVOOC. This is because 80W SUPERVOOC does not currently support 110 or 120-volt AC power – the typical standard for power outlets in the region.”


Most power outlets in China are 220V, which is twice the standard voltage of 110V in North America and some of Latin America. However, the difference in outlet voltage doesn’t prevent other devices from charging at 80W or higher – desktop computers, microwaves, electric car chargers, and many appliances often have a higher wattage than 80W. There are also plenty of USB-PD chargers that support 80W or higher, like the Apple 96W Power Adapter intended for use with high-end MacBook Pro models.

OnePlus hasn’t shared additional details about fast charging, but it seems like the 80W SuperVOOC technology simply wasn’t built with other countries in mind. OnePlus 10 Pro buyers probably won’t be missing much, considering 65W is still incredibly fast, and most other phones can’t even reach that. The Galaxy S22 Plus and Ultra technically support 45W wired charging, but the phones rarely reach that speed in real-world usage.

Source: OnePlus

Featured image: Chinese variant of the OnePlus 10 Pro in Emerald Forest colorway as seen in our hands-on preview

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