Download: OnePlus 10 Pro gets its first Android 13 beta update for early adopters

Download: OnePlus 10 Pro gets its first Android 13 beta update for early adopters

Google released the first Android 13 Beta back in April, enabling not just developers but also curious users to fiddle with the upcoming version of Android. Although the beta release is currently limited to Google’s own lineup of Pixel smartphones, many other OEMs are likely to follow in the footsteps and release Android 13 betas for their devices. Now, OnePlus is pleased to announce that the OnePlus 10 Pro is eligible to get an early taste of Android 13.

OnePlus is releasing its first Android 13 Beta as part of its Developer Preview Program. This allows app developers and early adopters to get started on creating software for the next version of Android and, ultimately, OxygenOS 13. OnePlus reiterates that this build is best suited for “developers and other advanced users,” as it’s still in early development. Don’t flash this on your daily driver unless you’re prepared to deal with a truckload of bugs.


Here is the list of known issues with Android 13 on the OnePlus 10 Pro:

  • All data will be cleared while flashing the build or rolling to Android 12
  • Some issues with system stability and performance
  • Unable to access Shelf
  • Unable to move the documents in My Files
  • Some apps may not function as expected
  • Unable to record voice to active Voice awake on Start-up navigation page
  • Some features of ORoaming may not function as expected

OnePlus cautions that there is a risk of bricking your phone when flashing this build. Hence, read the instructions very carefully before proceeding. Keep in mind that this build is only for the carrier unlocked OnePlus 10 Pro variants. Do not try to cross-flash this onto the OnePlus 9/9 Pro or other OnePlus models. Make sure your battery is at least above 30% and there is a minimum of 4GB of free space available before installing.

OnePlus 10 Pro XDA Forums

Download: Android 13 Developer Preview 1 for the OnePlus 10 Pro

You can find the download links of the region-specific update packages below. Note that the OnePlus 10 Pro from T-Mobile is not compatible with the developer preview release. Make sure to backup your personal data before flashing.

In order to install the Developer Preview release, do the following:

  1. After downloading the appropriate update ZIP file, copy it to the phone storage.
  2. Go to Settings -> About device -> Version -> Click the Build number 7 times and enter the password to unlock the Developer options.
  3. Now we can apply the update.
    • For European and Indian models, go back Settings -> About device -> Up to date -> click the top right button -> Local install -> locate the update package -> Extract -> Upgrade -> wait to finish the installation.
    • For the global model, download and install this APK. Next, open the app -> tap the top-right gear icon -> find the update package and tap it -> wait to finish the installation.
  4. After the upgrade is complete, click Restart.
  5. The phone should boot to Android 13 Developer Preview.

Source: OnePlus Community Forums

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