OnePlus 2 Announced: Specs, Price and Details

OnePlus 2 Announced: Specs, Price and Details

The OnePlus 2 has just had its Virtual Reality Launch event, and at the XDA Office we all watched it live to see the new Flagship Killer attempt to make us never settle for anything else. The event itself was streamed through the OnePlus 2 Launch application, and now that it is over, we know plenty about the specifications and everything the new device is offering.


The device features a premium design with metal edges and buttons and a sandstone black back with the same design that was leaked this morning. The front features three capacitive keys with a fingerprint sensor in the middle  one as well. Luckily, the keys are void of labels other than simple dashes, and you can customize the functions on each one to get the experience you want. Moreover, the device features an “alert slider” on the side to quickly mute your device without accessing any software menus. Finally, the front is clean with no logos of any kind, making for a sleek slab of black glass.


 The internal specifications are what we have been expecting: inside the OnePlus 2 rests a Snapdragon 810 processor. Qualcomm’s VP of Marketing showed up in a virtual video-conference during the launch event to reassure us once more just how powerful and cool the processor is. We are taking it with a grain of salt, of course. Other than that, the 4GB of DDR4 RAM also made the cut as promised, and it will also come with 16GB (with 3GB of RAM) or 64GB of storage. OnePlus claims that this package powers up one of the fastest experience available on the market, something which we cannot wait to test for ourselves.



The main camera of the OnePlus 2 is a 13MP shooter with a 1.3μ sensor that OnePlus claims will allow for more light and thus better pictures. The camera also comes with Optical Image Stabilization and Laser Autofocus, and all of this is claimed to be put to great use through a simple and powerful Camera app. The OnePlus fans in the launch event had good commentary to say, and the team took a selfie with the crew with the 5MP front-facing shooter.

The phone’s display is a 5.5 inch LCD In-Cell display with 1080p resolution powered up by a 3,300mAh battery. The phone also comes with style switch removable back covers that are easy to remove and snap on, and in terms of charging, the hyped-up USB Type C cable made its appearance with another reversible partner on the other end: the USB plug that goes into your charger and computer is a USB plug that is reversible as well.




OxygenOS is still mostly like Stock Android, but it comes with revamped features and functionality, allowing you to switch to a dark theme on the fly for night time occasions. You can also control app permissions, and theme various aspects of the UI such as accents and icons through icon pack support.

Finally, OnePlus took us back to its trendy offices to close the event by rounding up the specifications and announcing availability: the device will be available on August 11 in the US, Canada, EU, India and China, and it’ll come to South-East Asia in Q4 2015. OnePlus will also open stores in their most popular cities across the globe where users can try out the device and get goodie-filled invites as well. Locations include San Francisco, New York, London, and Berlin among others.




As for the price, OnePlus began teasing a competitive tag by comparing it to the competition, but the lights went off before we could hear the actual number. Just another way for them to keep teasing us, we suppose. They have just released the price on twitter, though, and it will be selling for $329 for the 16GB model and $389 for the 64GB version.

The Virtual Reality launch was definitely a great idea and we very much enjoyed the innovative approach. Hopefully, more events are handled this way. it was a fun tour through the OnePlus offices and we cannot wait to get our hands on a OnePlus 2 to try it out for ourselves. For now, you can check out MKBHD’s impressions video below:



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