OnePlus 2 Invite Giveaway Winners

OnePlus 2 Invite Giveaway Winners

The winners of our OnePlus 2 Invite Giveaway were selected yesterday, and each will soon receive their OnePlus 2 invite to the e-mail address tied to their XDA account. Those who get an invite can then purchase the device. If you won, please allow 24 hours for the e-mail to get to you.

The Winners are:

  1. tkdsl
  2. ftdube
  3. Christopher8989
  4. kalpesh6331
  5. viralpatel94
  6. darock1323
  7. annoniem
  8. psnijjar
  9. ArkAngel06
  10. samewaterbottle
  11. daninantro
  12. schlomomotion
  13. SCPadgeebar
  14. xperiax7
  15. pomaro2006
  16. ashu11122
  17. QueQ
  18. Oomahey
  19. sublimaze
  20. akshayh696
  21. cuci90
  22. hllywd
  23. Uray11
  24. InventedTiME
  25. fiz:ik
  26. Waterdroid
  27. blackline2008
  28. luca98
  29. Sunny20122013
  30. Tyronnster

Congratulations to the winners! If you manage to purchase a OnePlus 2, we hope you enjoy the device and everything XDA will provide for it. Be sure to check our forums regularly for the latest developments!

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