OnePlus 2 Will Feature a USB Type C Port

OnePlus 2 Will Feature a USB Type C Port

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The OnePlus 2 is getting closer and closer, and OnePlus seems to be keen on releasing new details on the kind of features and hardware their new flagship will bring to the table. OnePlus’ “Never Settle” raised expectations last year, and they want to deliver as good of an experience as they did with the One. Their latest announcement is truly in tune with the sentiment.


OnePlus has now revealed the the OnePlus 2 will feature a USB Type C port for charging and data transfers. The new standard has been prophesied to come to mobile for months now, and this is one of the few devices that will sport this new standard in Western markets. Google itself wanted to bring the new port to Android, and many speculate that upcoming Nexus devices will carry them too. This is a big step forward for OnePlus, and with the sure transition the market will have in this direction, this is one of the points that we know will make the device more future proof than other flagships.

usbWhat does USB Type C mean for you? We’ve detailed all its strengths in a previous feature, which we suggest you read if you are truly interested in the technology. In short terms: it allows for much faster battery charging, faster data transfers, it is universal (more so than micro USB), and it is reversible. This last fact combined with increased durability make these ports much harder to break than previous standards. Many other kinds of ports such as HDMI could eventually merge with the standard as well, allowing you to have a one-size-fits-all kind of cable.

We still don’t know the details about the implementation found in the OnePlus 2 and how the new technology will develop throughout the years. Initially, it might not be quite the jump from Quick Charge 2.0 in terms of charging (heat prevents phones from fully exploiting the standard’s capabilities) and we know for a fact that the new port will go through adoption pains just as micro USB and others did in the past. However, this is certainly an important development for OnePlus and it puts them at the front of an emerging technology.


We will provide further coverage and analysis as we get more details on how this cable performs in the OnePlus 2. For now we suggest you take a look at our previously mentioned feature on the matter and take a look at Google’s video on USB Type C below.



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