OnePlus 3 6GB RAM Variant Passes Through TENAA

OnePlus 3 6GB RAM Variant Passes Through TENAA

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The OnePlus 3 passed through TENAA a couple of days ago, and it just about confirmed all that we knew about the unreleased phone so far. However, a few things were still left unanswered, with one of the major questions being: what happened to the 6GB RAM variant that was rumored to accompany the base variant?

Well, the 6GB RAM variant is real, and it is coming along indeed. What was once a passing rumor unsubstantiated by credible sources is now a reality as the 6GB variant has passed through TENAA.


What are the differences between the 4GB and 6GB RAM variants? Nothing on the outside, and barely some on the inside. The RAM, of course, receives a bump up to a lofty future-proof 6GB (do we really need 6GB RAM right now though?). The internal storage is still quoted as 64GB on this model as well as its base sibling, so it will be interesting how OnePlus orchestrates the pricing on the variants. Either the base model would have been wrongly mentioned on TENAA as 64GB instead of 32GB, or OnePlus did indeed do away with 32GB of storage. Alternatively, this new variant could be sporting 128GB of internal storage.

There are still no mentions of expandable storage, but storage seems to be plenty on the new set of devices and should suffice a large part of the market and its needs.

If you are willing to look past OnePlus’s past transgressions, the OnePlus 3 is shaping up to be a very good choice in the affordable flagship area. While pricing of the device, for both the variants, is still very much in the air, we do know that the OnePlus 3 will be aggressively priced to compete with the new crop of affordable Snapdragon 820 devices released by other Chinese OEMs. Will the OnePlus 3 turn out to be the real flagship killer of 2016 with its 6GB of RAM? For now, we wait and watch.

What are your thoughts on the 6GB variant of the OnePlus 3? Would you consider paying a premium price for a such a large bump in RAM? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!