The Best ROMs, Kernels, and Mods for the OnePlus 3

The Best ROMs, Kernels, and Mods for the OnePlus 3

Updated 01/20/2017


The OnePlus 3 brings forth a design refreshment that does away with the signature sandstone back of the previous two phones, and shakes up the design language by softening curves and edges, as well as changing the material employed.

While the OnePlus 2 introduced a sturdy magnesium frame to complement the sandstone back, the all-metal OnePlus 3 is made from a single block of aluminum that still ends up feeling surprisingly sturdy. Indeed, while the OnePlus 3 lacks the heft of its predecessor, it ends up appearing quite durable and tests have shown that it likely won’t bend on you like similar phones.



Android Version 6.0.1 (Oxygen OS ROM) Display 5.5 inch 1080p AMOLED (401p ppi)
Chipset Snapdragon 820, Quad Core 2x 2.15GHz 2x 1.6GHz, Adreno 530 GPU Battery 3,000mAh, Dash Charge (5V 4A)
RAM 6GB LPDDR4 Sensors Fingerprint, Hail, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Proximity, Ambient Light, Electronic Compass
Storage 64GB UFS 2.0 Connectivity USB 2.0 Type C, Dual nano-SIM slot, 3.5mm audio jack
Dimensions 152.7 x 74.7 x 7.35 cm (~73% screen-to-body) Rear Camera 16MP Sony IMX 298 Sensor, 1.12μm, OIS, EIS, PDAF, f/2.0, RAW support, 4K 30FPS / 720p 120FPS video
Weight 158g Front Camera 8MP Sony IMX179, 1.4μm, EIS, Fixed Focus, f/2.0, 1080p 30FPS video

ROMs / MODs / Kernels / Guides

Best kernels for the OnePlus 3

Render Kernel

From developer RenderBroken

  • Built with LINARO 6.x
  • Updated with CAF LA.UM.5.5
  • IO Scheds – FIOPS, CFQ, BFQ, ROW, DEADLINE, NOOP, and ZEN Schedulers
  • Flar Sound Control
  • Complete Color Calibration Thanks to @savoca
  • Overclocking
  • F2FS Support
  • Adrenoboost


Franco Kernel

From developer franciscofranco

  • Legendary battery life
  • Flash & forget
  • Typical interfaces like display adjustments, sound control, vibration control, and all that boring stuff
  • Bypasses the verified boot flag for Android Pay compatibility (root still breaks Android Pay but that’s your own problem)
  • Idle power consumption reduced to the absolute minimum (if you have wakelocks from 3rd party apps you’re obviously on your own)
  • Support for FKUpdater’s Performance Profiles
  • Background apps limit raised to 60 from stock 32 (we have 6Gb ram, duh!)
  • Magical support, I’m here every day, checking posts almost hourly, ready to help anytime (well, unless you fail to read the OP, which contains most info you need)
  • Seemless integration with my app FKUpdater
  • Probably more, check my github for all the details – the code speaks for itself


Arter97 kernel For OP# With CM13

The Arter97 kernel comes from developer arter97.

  • Latest Linaro LSK kernel fully merged
  • Adaptive LMK disabled
  • Built with latest Linaro GCC toolchain with latest Linux H.G linker
  • Built with O2 speed optimizations
  • Power-efficient workqueues enabled
  • Random driver backported from mainline Linux(12 times faster)
  • Westwood as default TCP network congestion control
  • Entropy hook on storage removed
  • Default file-system mount option with noatime
  • CFQ I/O scheduler as default(it’s the fastest I/O scheduler available on 3.18 kernel)
  • NVIDIA’s power-efficiency improvement commits applied
  • sdcardfs from Galaxy S7 ported(stable)
  • Supports f2fs-formatted system partition



ElementalX for the OP3 CM Based ROMs

From developer flar2.

  • Easy installation and setup with Aroma installer
  • Wake Gestures support (sweep2wake & doubletap2wake)
  • Notification LED control
  • Sound control
  • Advanced color control
  • Sweep2sleep
  • Backlight dimmer
  • Overclock or underclock CPU
  • Adjust or disable vibration
  • FIOPS, BFQ, CFQ, deadline, noop and SIO i/o schedulers
  • NTFS r/w support
  • Option to disable fsync
  • performance and power optimizations
  • USB OTG support
  • Dash charge
  • Supports MultiROM
  • Does not force encryption
  • Compatible with systemless root



blu_sp★rk r18 hybrid for Custom ROMs

This Kernel comes from developer eng.stk.

  • Powered by Ubuntu 16.04.1 x86_64
  • Full -O3 support with device and target flags enhanced, linaro build improvements, etc
  • Less is more: stockish OP3/OP3T hybrid builds based on OnePlusOSS/android_kernel_oneplus_msm8996
  • Systemless installer (OTA friendly)
  • Removed some debug and logging options
  • ARM enhanced performance and battery patches
  • General upstream and CAF fixes
  • Overclock available (boots with default freqs), set 300HZ base timer frequency
  • msm_performace input boost toggle on/off (disabled by default), tweaked cpu_boost driver
  • Enhanced TCP methods (westwood is default), Network and Wifi tweaks and updated drivers
  • Several I/O control tweaks, added schedulersFIOPS and ZEN v2 is default, tweaked filesystems (F2FS, ExFAT, NTFS & CIFS)
  • Removed verify and forced encryption
  • Stock thermal driver by default (custom tunables available)
  • Optimized RWSEM, AES and SHA1 routines (with NEON support)
  • Swap and adaptive LMK off by default
  • Vibrator Strength tunable and Gesture Haptic Feedback control
  • KGSL fixes and reworked GPU driver (use 133MHz min freq to save juice, goes to idle @ 100MHz)
  • sRGB and KCAL – Advanced color control for Qualcomm MDSS v2 (RGB calibration and post-processing features)
  • DASH charge and USB Fast Charge (USB mode up to 900mA with MTP on)
  • Battery/Notification LED control
  • Multimount fstab (you can use data and cache partitions as f2fs or ext4)
  • FS fsync toggle on/off
  • CDROM emulation on mass_storage (compatible with DriveDroid 0.10.18+)
  • init.d support (put your scripts in /system/su.d or / [systemless SuperSU])



Best Nougat ROMs for the OnePlus 3

crDroid Android

crDroid is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device also attempting to bringing many of the best features existent today. We’re mainly based on CyanogenMod so use custom kernels compatible with them!


BJ-RR Resurrection Remix N

Resurrection Remix the ROM has been based on CM,slim.omni and original Remix ROM builds, this creates an awesome combination of performance, customization, power and the most new features, brought directly to your Device


CypherOS 3.1.3 Cheesecake

This is Cypher. An extension to pure Android. Cypher tries to maintain the purity of Android while offering useful features for users. The goal is to give the highest level of performance whilst achieving Simplicity.


Official Resurrection Remix-N v5.8.0 for OP3

Resurrection Remix the ROM has been based on CM,slim.omni and original Remix ROM builds. This creates an awesome combination of performance, customization, power and the most new features, brought directly to your Device. Many things that in previous versions were tweaked with mods, are now included by default in the ROM so, please enjoy!


CM14.1 Nougat 7.1.x Nightlies

CyanogenMod, is a customized, aftermarket firmware distribution for several Android devices. Based on the Android Open Source Project, CyanogenMod is designed to increase performance and reliability over Android-based ROMs released by vendors and carriers such as Google, T-Mobile, HTC, etc. CyanogenMod also offers a variety of features & enhancements that are not currently found in these versions of Android.


Best Marshmallow ROMs for the OnePlus 3

Arter97’s Custom-Built CyanogenMod 13

  • Force enabled Optimizing Compiler and Optimize Everything filter for ART, first boot(or after update) will be very slow
  • Built with GCC instead of Clang to avoid regressions on stability and performance
  • Built with Oracle JDK 7u121
  • Merged AOSPA’s bionic(libc) optimizations
  • Merged AOSPA’s build environments for better optimizations
  • Semi-forced 0 compressions on apks and jars for better performance
  • Updated memory allocator(jemalloc)
  • Updated SQLite
  • Forward-ported “Wake-Up” control from CyanogenMod 12.1 on Privacy Guard
  • Implemented status-bar burn-in protection


MIUI 8 for the OP3

This thread lists nine different builds of MIUI ROMs for your OnePlus 3. These ROMs are based on Android Marshmallow 6.0.1.

MIUI is our very own user interface based on Android that is loved by millions worldwide. Over the past five years, we have developed countless features and optimizations that will enhance the way you use your phone. MIUI is intuitive, helpful and so easy to use.


Unofficial CM13 with Custom Kernel for OP3 and OP3T

This is a unified CyanogenMod 13.0 ROM that works on both the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T. It is based off of the stable CyanogenMod branch instead of the nightly branch, with the main goal being stability with an overall good user experience. This ROM comes with a highly-customized kernel, as well as some other very custom modifications.


FreedomOS CE 1.10

FreedomOS allows you to debloat your ROM by installing a minimalistic Android experience. With this ROM being fully customizable, you’ll get all the best features of a fully loaded ROM, without any of the bloat.


How the community reviews the OnePlus 3

The display is definitely better than what weve had on the previous OnePlus phones. I did find the color saturation a bit weird coming from the LCD of the OnePlus One to the OAMOLED of the OP3, but it’s a pretty beautiful display to look at.


Just got the phone today and have been playing with it the past couple hours. In some ways not a big upgrade from my Moto X Pure, but as far as speed it’s an absolute joy to use. Everything is extremely snappy and smooth.


Current 6p and HTC 10 user here and I can’t even begin to say how impressed I am with this OP3. Grant it I’ve only had it half a day, so far I’m completely blown away!! Almost 3 hours sot right now and battery at 50% 😃I love everything about it. Only mediocre thing is the external speakers. Amazing camera, beautiful screen, perfect size, feels greet in the hand, shoot it even looks great! Oh and the finger print reader is way faster than both the 10 and 6p. But the thing that impressed me the most is the skin. I’m still bone stock and I never leave phones stock.. it just has all the things Google SHOULD have in stock MM.. no bloatware either.. just an impressive handset and all for 400$ bucks!


OnePlus One Official XDA Review

In this review, we’ll take an in-depth dive into the OnePlus 3. Rather than listing specs and talking about how the experience felt, this feature attempts to provide a thorough look with contents relevant to our reader base. At XDA, our reviews are not meant to tell a user whether a phone is worth buying or not — instead, we try to lend you the phone through our words and help you come to the decision by yourself.

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Tips and tricks for OxygenOS

How to install Google Dialer (Phone) and Contacts

With Google’s Phone application you can block spam and other unwanted calls. It also features enhanced caller ID. These are just a few of the features missing from the OP3’s default dialer. Unfortunately Google does not allow installation of the app on non-Nexus devices like the OP3. To get around this, I’ve created a flashable zip that will install the Google Dialer (Phone) application and the requisite dialer framework.


Dash Charge Speed Analysis

Faster charging has becoming a common specification for OEMs to gloat over, pushing forward their own standards and implementations to top you up in no time. Nowadays, when a phone doesn’t charge fast, it sticks out like a sore thumb.

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OnePlus 3 Performance Over Time

A few days ago we took a quick look at the issues behind the RAM management of the OnePlus 3, a hot topic surrounding the phone’s performance. What’s seemingly not a big topic, nor a hot one, is the phone’s Snapdragon 820 processor’s performance.

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How to fix a bricked OnePlus 3

Mega Unbrick Guide for Hard Bricked OnePlus 3s

A hard bricked OP3 has nothing but a black screen (nothing ever comes on the screen, not even a boot logo), it might vibrate when a power button is pressed and held for 20 seconds, has no Recovery partition, no adb mode, and no fastboot partition (It might be a flickering OnePlus logo). The device might be detected in Linux and you might be able to even send commands to it. In Windows, the bricked OP3 should be detected as QHUSB_BULK,Unknown Device,Qualcomm something. You might have a bricked OP3 as a result of flashing a kernel meant for a different device (or a ROM meant for another device that included a kernel), tinkering with the boot logo or bootloader, or your attempt of unlocking the bootloader resulted in corrupting the boot partition. Most of the times, it is needed because OEM Unlocking is disabled, and phone can’t boot and no recovery.


Best Xposed mods for the OnePlus 3

Custom Slider

I present you my Custom Slider app , which can be used to customize your Alert Slider on the Oneplus 3, Oneplus 2 & Oneplus X. OOS and AOSP based ROMs are supported, but currently the OOS Community Build 3.5+ is not supported!

Developer Weathon


OPs Button Mods

OP3 Button Mods currently adds the missing “Open/close menu” to button actions. I am planning on adding an option to replace the single-press behavior of either Recents or Back button with Menu button as well, though that won’t be in the first release. There are two options to install this mod: Xposed module OR modded Settings.apk.

Developer Mr.Yawnie


Best Tweaks for the OnePlus 3

The OnePlus 3 is great. You may have seen the extensive review that was posted on XDA, but today we are going to talk about what you can do to make the OnePlus 3 even better. Let’s go over some of the most common gripes people have with the phone and a few mods that can fix them.

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Best cases, screen protectors, and skins for the OnePlus 3

VOOC and DASH Charging Accessories

Based on early reviews of OPPO’s VOOC which is the OP Dash charging system, this seems far superior to any QC or even iPhone charging system on the market. By taking the heat out to the actual charger block @ around 20 watts over 7pins it is faster and cooler than QC2.0 and cooler than Moto’s QC2.0+.


A guide to unlocking your bootloader, flashing TWRP and Rooting

Rooting this device is actually quite a simple and easy process. Before you begin, it is recommended that you at least try to understand what each part of the process will do. Although this guide will elongate each step in order to show all of the details, the method used can be broken up into 3 main steps: Unlocking the Bootloader, Installing a Custom Recovery and finally Rooting.


Buy a gently-used OnePlus 3 starting at $330 from Swappa

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