OnePlus 3 CM14 ROM

OnePlus 3 CM14 ROM

If you own a OnePlus 3 then you might be excited to hear that an unofficial CyanogenMod ROM is available for download. This ROM is in the testing stage so expect a few bugs. Miles put it on his OnePlus 3 and made this video review.

As of right now, the only official bug on this ROM is the camera, however this ROM is not very stable. It will be a while before this ROM is ready to be your daily driver.

Going into the settings you’ll find some of the standard OnePlus features. You have the buttons menu where you can toggle the on-screen nav bar and other button options.


They have also included O-Click for this ROM. Unfortunately we did not have an O-Click to test this with.


You wont be sacrificing your gesture controls for this ROM as they are baked right in.


As with many custom ROMs, you’ll have some extra ambient display tweaks.

Going over the stability, it’s not usable but it is unstable. Follow the development of this ROM in the XDA forums.


Download this ROM for yourself here.

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