OnePlus 3 VR Launch Coming, OnePlus giving out Free “Loop VR” Headset

OnePlus 3 VR Launch Coming, OnePlus giving out Free “Loop VR” Headset

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Last year we saw the first VR launch event with the OnePlus 2, a polarizing device that succeeded the extremely well-received OnePlus One. With the OnePlus 3, the company is trying to re-live the success of their breakthrough device, and they are once again offering a VR launch for us to “Get in The Loop“.

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This year, OnePlus is also giving out a well-crafted VR headset called “Loop VR” (instead of last year’s free cardboard headsets), developed in cooperation with AntVR. The Loop VR headset is more robust, immersive and comfortable, and OnePlus implies that it features very good optics as well. It is also available for free, including shipping in some cases, but the catch is there are only 30,000, so get them quick! (MAKE SURE TO CHANGE YOUR REGION AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE) UPDATE: THEY ARE GONE NOW ;_; 

The OnePlus 3’s launch has another trick under its sleeve: Carl Pei is calling it the “first global VR shopping experience”, as the company is planning to allow The Loop visitors to order the OnePlus 3 before anyone else, and in VR at that. The headsets ship on the first week of June, so we would expect the event to take place sometime in mid-late June at the earliest.

Last year’s event had OnePlus take the audience through a VR office tour as they unveiled their device. Since then, Samsung has held the launch of the Galaxy S7 in VR as well, which Pei acknowledged as a “honorable mention”. Now that other companies are picking up not only VR, but VR launch events, OnePlus better show us that their innovative idea was something they could appropriately follow up on.

More information about the OnePlus 3 will likely becoming available in the upcoming weeks. For now, check out our coverage on the leaked design and specs and make sure to stay tuned for the latest OnePlus news!