OnePlus 3 PAC ROM Review

OnePlus 3 PAC ROM Review

The original idea behind PAC ROM was to combine all of the best features of Paranoid Android, AOKP, CyanogenMod and put it into one single ROM. In this XDA TV video, Miles takes us through the ROM and show us some of the best features.


The first thing you’ll see after flashing this ROM is that you’re equipped with the CyanogenMod launcher by default.


Going into the settings you’ll find all of your display tweaks including double tap to wake and LCD density adjustments.


You’ll also find that this ROM has the CyanogenMod theme engine baked in to accommodate your custom themes.


Lock screen personalization is also featured in this ROM. Enable Live lock screen or choose to display the music visualizer.


Enable or disable the navbar easily through the buttons menu. This menu will have a few other tweaks available like enabling arrow keys while typing or setting custom power menu options.


Now even though this is a custom ROM you wont have to give up the OnePlus gestures feature that many of you like. The gestures feature is still available in the PAC ROM.


You can change the look of your battery icon and style in a custom battery menu. You can also enable the charging current to be shown on the lock screen.vlcsnap-2016-08-11-07h26m00s931

Check out the PAC ROM for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments.

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