OnePlus 3 Press Renders Leaked; Matches with Leaked Images

OnePlus 3 Press Renders Leaked; Matches with Leaked Images

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We reported about the series of leaked images for the OnePlus 3, offering us some clear views of the device but still putting up a few question marks due to the unfinished nature of the device.

And now, we have press renders of the OnePlus 3, courtesy of tipster Evan Blass of the @evleaks handle.

OnePlus 3

9846815egw1f3tne8c61hj20hs0dc3z1The press render of the OnePlus 3 does look good and matches largely with the leaked images we have seen. But, there are a few spots where it sets up unrealistically high hopes, like press renders tend to do. The render showcases a very thin device by playing up phone angles to its advantage, but the leaked images show a normally-thin device. The bezels are also shown to be very thin, but we do expect the OnePlus 3 to bear normal sized side bezels.

Along with the press render, Evan Blass also shared a few tidbits of the upcoming device. The OnePlus 3 is said to be shifting to AMOLED panels, much like the OnePlus X. This is a departure from the LCD panels used in the OnePlus One and the OnePlus 2. Both AMOLED and LCD have their own place in the market with their own pros and cons, so this isn’t a clear positive or negative move due to variations in subjective opinion. What is a negative move is the downgrade in pure battery capacity, as the OnePlus 3 will likely come with a 3000 mAh battery. This is a step down from both the OnePlus One (3100 mAh) and the OnePlus 2 (3300 mAh), though the AMOLED panel would be a bit easy on the battery.

The OnePlus 3 looks very much like the next iteration of the erstwhile HTC One M-series lineup (M7, M8, M9). The design is very close and the similarities are there. It is not entirely a bad thing since the M series were highly praised for their design, but HTC did eventually move on from that design for a change of pace with the HTC 10. It will be interesting to see the market react to the OnePlus 3, its metallic unibody design and the shift away from the Sandstone backs.

What are your thoughts on the OnePlus 3 and its leaked render? Let us know in the comments below!