OnePlus 3 (Reviewer) OTA Brings sRGB Mode and RAM Adjustments

OnePlus 3 (Reviewer) OTA Brings sRGB Mode and RAM Adjustments

The OnePlus 3 is a good phone, and there are just a few roadblocks in its way from becoming a great one. The phone is amongst the few in the mainstream to sport a humongous 6GB of RAM, but the software side of things leaves a vast part of this 6GB underutilized.

OnePlus reasoned that this decision was in the interest of battery and the best user experience. What’s the point of having RAM if you can’t use it in the first place? OnePlus mentions that they built the camera and other modules to benefit from this increase, and since having so much RAM is a new thing for Android, their team is exploring and optimizing for further enhancements.

In addition to complaints on the underutilized RAM, critics have been vocal against the display on the OnePlus 3 as well. Anandtech’s review of the OnePlus 3 notes a poorly calibrated display which targeted the NTSC color gamut instead of sRGB. We hold back our opinions for our full review, but OnePlus made note of the criticism mentioning that the sRGB is a “niche requirement and not the right choice for the vast majority of smartphone users”. But, to go ahead and please this “niche” request as well, OnePlus promised that a sRGB mode will come in the future.

And it has, actually. The latest OTA update to the OnePlus 3 brings fixes on both these accounts: RAM Management and sRGB tuning. The OTA update for OxygenOS 3.1.4, coming in at 12MB packs in both of this along with audio improvements. A OnePlus Community Manager took to the OnePlus forums to share some pictures depicting the new sRGB mode in action:


The differences are much more apparent in the next image, with the phone on the left depicting a less saturated sRGB mode and the phone on the right depicting the default color gamut:


There’s a small catch to this update: this update is rolling out only to the review units of the device. OnePlus will eventually roll it out to all OnePlus 3 devices, but the plan for right now is to incorporate feedback from reviewers on this change. Final consumers will have to wait till everything has been ironed out, but if you can’t, you can take matters into your own hands and fix one of the issues at least.

Does the update actually fix these aspects of the device? Stay tuned for more on this from our resident reviewer Mario.

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