OnePlus 3 to Receive a Nougat Community Build Update This Month

OnePlus 3 to Receive a Nougat Community Build Update This Month

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With all of the crazy OnePlus 3T rumors that have been flying around lately, it’s nice to see some new information for the regular OnePlus 3 that many feel is the best smartphone of 2016. The OnePlus 3 has received a number of software updates that have improved performance, squashed bugs, and lately have been introducing a new design to a number of stock apps and the UI itself. This new design started as the company decided to merge the Oxygen OS and Hydrogen OS platforms together.

Last month, OnePlus came out and explained how they will be handling their Oxygen OS Community Beta program. Essentially, there will be three tiers: Closed Beta, Open Beta (aka Community Builds), and finally the Official OTA releases. They are aiming to push out ~4 closed beta updates per month, ~2 open beta updates per month, and then one official OTA update every 1 to 2 months.

It was at the start of October that we also learned OnePlus had started to work on Android 7.0 Nougat for the OnePlus 3. Since then, OnePlus has received a ton of questions asking exactly when their first Nougat update would be available to the public. Yesterday, we learned that this first update is scheduled to be released as a Community Build sometime this month. This was reported as confirmed by Engadget from Brian Yoon, the head of OnePlus’ software team.

The company hopes to squash all of the bugs and polish the entire Nougat update so that it will be available as an official OTA update by the end of the year. These are just estimated schedules though, so if the team ends up hitting a roadblock or two, it could push the delay back a bit. In the report from Engadget, we also learn that “older devices like the OnePlus 2” will also be receiving the Nougat update. However, they are unable to give us an estimated time frame for when that update might be released.

Source: Engadget