OnePlus 3T Gets Fully Functional TWRP and Root

OnePlus 3T Gets Fully Functional TWRP and Root

Well, that didn't take long

As the first few batches of the OnePlus 3T begin shipping and users get their hands on the new device, they can now dive straight into the world of custom ROMs without sparing nay another thought on complicated procedures or other difficulties.

Thanks to the efforts of XDA Recognized Developer jcadduono, OnePlus 3T owners can flash a fully working and stable build of TWRP 3.0.2. As mentioned, the recovery can do all the tasks expected out of it despite being the first version release for this phone.

Flashing this recovery is easy and involves steps that are very familiar to Nexus users. You enable OEM unlocking in the Developer Options on your phone, and proceed to unlock your bootloader using the “fastboot oem unlock” command via fastboot on your computer. Then you flash the recovery through fastboot using the “fastboot flash recovery recovery.img” command…and that is it. To get root, simply boot into recovery and flash the requisite root package (like SuperSU).


Since this recovery is for the OnePlus 3T, it is implied (and even explicitly mentioned, just in case) that it is not compatible with the regular OnePlus 3. Another point to note, the OnePlus 3T’s stock boot image has dm-verity enabled, so you will be unable to boot back into system if you swipe on TWRP to enable system modifications without the intention to root via SuperSU. You need to follow along the steps mentioned in the thread to get back into your system, rooted or otherwise. You can either swipe right and just flash SuperSU, or you can swipe right and flash the dm-verity disabler zip to be able to boot back into the system.

For download links, sources and further detailed instructions, head on over to the forum link!

Have you received your OnePlus 3T? Have you tried out the above mentioned TWRP and obtained root? Let us know in the comments below!

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