OnePlus 3T ROM Summary & Comparison

OnePlus 3T ROM Summary & Comparison

The Oneplus 3/3T forums are overflowing with great ROMs from some of the best developers to land on XDA. Unfortunately, it is all too easy to forget that other ROMs exist when you find one that you love. Here I will cover some of the best OnePlus 3T ROMs, each offering a different experience.


As far as OEM skins go, OxygenOS is one on the most pleasant to use. While it may not come with many of the features enthusiasts come to rely on, OOS does come with a lightweight, vanilla-style UI coupled with a built in Dark theme allowing you to make the most of your AMOLED display. OOS also comes with an option to alter the color of accents within the system, but only to one of the 8 predetermined colors. Featuring a built-in app locker, screen-off gestures, and hardware key customization many users may not need a different ROM, though extensive customization and other traditional features provided by custom ROMs are not available here. You can now find the Open Beta 3 thread with the 7.1.1 update here.

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FreedomOS is an OxygenOS-based ROM, and the magic here happens during installation via Aroma Installer; for readers who have not used Aroma before, it is an installation wizard that kicks in while your recovery flashes the ROM, from this menu you can choose to install or remove many features and mods. These options include the ability to install individual Open GApps, choose which system apps and other mods such as Viper4Android you would like, and more. The installer even offers the option to install Magisk, which allows you to bypass SafetyNet (Magisk Hide setting). The Wizard is easy to navigate and fully setting up your device with all your favorite mods should only take a few minutes. Freedom OS allows you to truly squeeze the most out of OxygenOS, whether you prefer an entirely debloated ROM or a device with as many preinstalled apps and added functionality as you could possibly want from the start.

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Lineage OS 14.1

A great choice for new and experienced enthusiasts alike, Lineage OS launched just a few months ago as a fork of the now-deceased CyanogenMod. Continuing work that started in 2009, the ROM continues to offer the latest updates, great customization options and a vast and experienced community unmatched by most. Many of the ROMs throughout the forums use Lineage as a base and it’s easy to see why with such a honed experience. Lineage offers some great tools for protecting your privacy, the included Privacy Guard allows for easily managing which apps can access your personal data, while the protected apps feature lets you hide apps from your app drawer and protect them with a password. It’s also clean, smooth, and often battery-friendly too, with broad compatibility with all sorts of mods.

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Omni ROM

OmniROM was born as a result of Steve Kondik’s attempts to commercialize CyanogenMod: some of the developers who did not agree with this new direction came together to start their own project. Years and many updates later, the ROM offers a rich and full experience utilizing some of the code from Lineage OS with the addition of “OmniGears”, a selection of settings that add some useful functionality to the device such as cropped screenshots and a customization recent apps menu that can be swiped onto the screen from a predetermined edge of the display, echoing older custom ROM traditions. Fast, clean, and straightforward.


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Resurrection Remix

Resurrection Remix takes the best parts of many of the most popular ROMs from the forums such as Lineage OS and OmniRom, and then offers them alongside other own tweaks within this one tidy package. From the settings screen, you can dive straight into these options via the configurations menu where you will be greeted by popular options such as the SlimRom and OmniRom recent apps menu and a huge variety of GUI options including Navbar Pulse, quick settings customization, and lock screen options to name but a few. With support for OTAs this ROM offers an excellent all round experience, especially for those who love exploring new features and tweaking as much as possible.

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SlimRoms offers a lightweight and debloated experience for those of us who like to control everything that’s on our devices from the start. When combined with 3rd party mods and apps, it is easy to build this ROM into the exact experience you want with nothing extra taking up space, allowing your to craft a very personalized and narrowly-tailored user experience with just a little effort. The most prominent feature included in this ROM is the alternate recent apps menu, which when enabled (by default) displays a more compact but fully customizable alternative to the full-screen affair we are used to. SlimRoms see frequent updates with beta builds of Nougat available as well as stable builds of Marshmallow.

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AOSP Extended

AOSPE offers a vanilla UI but with plenty of customization built in, including Substratum, Lineage OS’ Privacy guard, and partial screenshots. For users who want the AOSP experience, with monthly updates this is a great choice. Many ROMs offer a lot of extra options that we often simply do not need, and this ROM offers a happy medium for users who want something more advanced than Slim7 but not quite as feature-packed as some of the other ROMs in this list.

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Makers_mark’s ADB Screenshot tool for Recovery & Aroma – This great tool allows you to take screenshots while in recovery and allowed me to grab the screenshots in “Freedom OS”.
LloydSmallwood’s Unbrick Tool for the OnePlus 3T – As well as being the fastest way to unbrick your OnePlus 3T, this tool is also useful for quickly returning your device completely to stock.
mgbotoe’s OnePlus 3T Resource Thread – A great starting place for finding the best ROMs, Kernels, Guides, Mods and miscellaneous threads for the 3T. Thanks Madina!

Which ROM do you run? Leave a comment below and tell us why!

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