OnePlus 5 Camera Mod Reduces JPEG Compression for Better Picture Quality

A number of stock cameras on Android smartphones use compression to save storage space, including the Essential Phone. But some apply too much compression, resulting in really grainy images. To rectify the issue, XDA Member txx1219 created a mod for the OnePlus 5 that brings the internal JPEG quality number — the number that determines how much compression’s applied after a photo’s taken — all the way up to 100 (from its default of 95 percent). Granted, increases of a few percentage points won’t dramatically improve picture quality, but it cleans up a few spots that’d pose a challenge for most photo-editing applications.

That’s not the only way to improve your phone’s picture quality, of course — Google’s HDR+ algorithm does an excellent job of brining out details in poorly lit environments. But tweaking compression levels can give your pictures the extra polish they need to stand out.

Check out this camera mod in our OnePlus 5 forum

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