OnePlus 5/OnePlus 5T get OxygenOS Beta 14/12 with Google Lens mode and camera fixes

OnePlus 5/OnePlus 5T get OxygenOS Beta 14/12 with Google Lens mode and camera fixes

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Historically, OnePlus has not been exactly good when it comes to system updates. After all, this is the company that prematurely dropped support for their older flagship, the OnePlus 2, as well as the OnePlus X, by not officially releasing Android 7.0 Nougat for them—despite past promises. As of recently, however, they have proved to have improved massively on updates, including platform updates, security patches, and rolling out new features. And on the last few builds in OnePlus’ Open Beta update channel, the company has taken the task to fix some of the most criticized issues present in OxygenOS for both the OnePlus 3/3T and the OnePlus 5/5T. With the Open Beta program, OnePlus has been building towards better, more stable OxygenOS builds that will be eventually pushed into the stable channel.

They have sure delivered. Within the last few betas, OnePlus has tackled issues based on user feedback, like poor camera performance and battery optimizations, along with other things. More recently, they pushed out official support for Project Treble on the OnePlus 5 and the OnePlus 5T in a beta update—a bold move, especially considering their previous stance on Treble, that was widely celebrated by the developer community. The latest Open Beta update doesn’t bring new features to the table, but it polishes OxygenOS around one of its rougher edges: the camera.

Open Beta 14 for the OnePlus 5 and Open Beta 12 for the OnePlus 5T bring improved photo clarity on the OnePlus Camera, in an effort to try and tackle the “oil painting effect” that users have complained about since the release of both devices. Additionally, Google Lens mode is also being rolled out to users of both devices. No July security updates at the moment, however; we’re guessing that will come at a later date. If you have a OnePlus 5/5T, we recommend you to go ahead and download the update, either through OnePlus’ built-in OTA manager or the Oxygen Updater tool.

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