OnePlus 5 Receives Update to OxygenOS v4.5.14, Patches KRACK, Fixes Bugs and More

OnePlus 5 Receives Update to OxygenOS v4.5.14, Patches KRACK, Fixes Bugs and More

KRACK was a massive vulnerability that we learned about last month, which targets devices connecting to WPA2 networks. It was said that this vulnerability could severely impact 41% of all Android devices and since then, we’ve seen a number of patches released from various OEMs. OnePlus themselves updated the OnePlus 2 last month to plug this security hole and today they’re rolling out an OxygenOS update to the OnePlus 5 that fixes the issue, as well as a few bugs that have been reported by the community.

KRACK is one of those vulnerabilities that you definitely want to get patched if your device connects to public networks frequently. It really is a nasty exploit and we’re glad to see the OnePlus 5 is finally getting an update that patches the issue. This isn’t the only thing included in OxygenOS v4.5.14 though, as they have also fixed a few other bugs as well.

When a new smartphone comes out, the company typically sends a number of OTA updates over the first few months to squash any bugs that have been reported by the community. OnePlus pushed out two different updates to the OnePlus 5 last month fixing some bugs and adding in some requested features to OxygenOS. This update focuses on bug fixes and patching the KRACK vulnerability, but it also added support for Airtel VoLTE in India and Band 66 of Freedom in Canada.

Some of us within the community had told the company that the OnePlus 5 had some issue with GPS accuracy and this was patched with this new update as well. OnePlus says they’ve found some ways to optimize battery usage in some cases, but didn’t go into further detail about the changes they made. And of course they listed general bug fixes, as there are always a few small annoyances that get tweaked and fixed with smartphone OTA updates.

OnePlus 5 OxygenOS v4.5.14 Changelog

  • Supported Airtel VoLTE in India
  • Supported Band 66 of Freedom in Canada
  • Fixed Wi-Fi WPA2 security issue
  • Optimized battery usage in some cases
  • Optimized GPS accuracy
  • General bug fixes

Source: OnePlus

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