Source: The OnePlus 6 will offer Cat.16 LTE for Gigabit Speeds

Source: The OnePlus 6 will offer Cat.16 LTE for Gigabit Speeds

OnePlus’ next flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 6, will be launching in Q2 2018. There is little information that we know about the device at this time. For starters, we’ve learned that it will feature the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 system-on-chip. It’ll very likely launch with Android Oreo on board (meaning it supports Project Treble). Finally, there is evidence that the OnePlus flagship will adopt a 19:9 notched display according to a leaked benchmark and the latest OnePlus 5T firmware.

Today, we have additional information to share on the upcoming OnePlus 6. According to our trusted source, the device will be the first from the company with Gigabit LTE connectivity (Cat. 16). Thus, not only will the device be a physical powerhouse with the latest Snapdragon, it will also be the fastest OnePlus device in terms of data throughput.

Device Maximum Speed
OnePlus 6 Cat. 16 (1000 Mbps)
OnePlus 5T Cat. 12 (600 Mbps)
OnePlus 5 Cat. 12 (600 Mbps)
OnePlus 3T Cat. 6 (300 Mbps)
OnePlus 3 Cat. 6 (300 Mbps)

Table comparing OnePlus smartphone LTE data speeds

What exactly will this mean for potential owners of the new device? It means that in countries which offer better 4G availability and average speeds, your device will be better suited to utilize the peak download/upload speeds. We’re not quite at the point where 5G is a thing—the OnePlus 6 won’t support 5G, but a potential successor with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+Snapdragon X50 Modem will. Indeed, OnePlus and Qualcomm are already known to be collaborating on such an effort.

That said, the OnePlus 6 achieving theoretical Gigabit LTE throughput should not be seen as outdated in light of the (upcoming) advancements in 5G technology. Rather, the device is taking advantage of the best connectivity technology that is both currently on the market and actually useful for day-to-day, today and in the near future.

For more reading on Gigabit LTE vs. 5G, I recommend you read this excellent piece by Robert Triggs from AndroidAuthority.

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