OnePlus 6 announced to feature Dirac Power Sound and Dirac HD Sound

OnePlus 6 announced to feature Dirac Power Sound and Dirac HD Sound

Dirac is a Swedish audio firm that specializes in sound optimization. They are partnered with manufacturers like BMW, Bentley, Rolls Royce and a lot more. Some smartphone OEMs, like Xiaomi, OPPO, Huawei and OnePlus have already used their technologies plenty of times. As it turns out, the later one is going to use them one more time. OnePlus officially announced that OnePlus 6 uses Dirac sound optimization technologies, namely Dirac Power Sound and Dirac HD Sound.

What is Dirac Power Sound?

Dirac Power Sound is a technology that turns even the tiniest of speakers to a full-sized audio playback experience. It makes sound clearer, with more natural and rich details. Also, the bass is greatly improved as well. To put it in short, Dirac Power Sound makes sure that your phone always produces the best audio possible. Power Sound is enabled by default on supported devices, like the OnePlus 6. It’s not something the user can toggle on or off. Also, this technology currently can’t make any difference for an external speaker or earphones as it only works on built-in speakers.


What is Dirac HD Sound?

So, Dirac Power Sound improves phone’s internal speakers, but what does Dirac HD Sound do? It fills the gaps left by Power Sound by improving the loudspeaker and earphone listening experience. The company states that cheap but well-optimized gadgets are much better than expensive non-optimized ones. Dirac HD Sound offers more dynamic soundstage, more powerful bass, and improved clarity of sound.

OnePlus and Dirac have been partners since 2015, since the release of OnePlus 2. The company’s newest device, the OnePlus 6, uses a micro-speaker that lives in a special speaker cabin. Due to the cohabitation of OnePlus’ hardware and Dirac’s software, we get more natural and richer audio experience with more powerful bass. HD Sound “measures and corrects the earphones’ impulse and frequency response to improve sound quality”.

At the core of both of these innovative audio solutions lies our desire to eliminate the notion that mobile devices, due to their physical properties, have limits with regard to the audio quality they can deliver. Dirac Power Sound and Dirac HD Sound challenge the audio constraints inherent in these devices and offer a rich, full and premium listening experience – as evidenced in the new OnePlus 6.

Erik Rudolphi, Dirac’s General Manager of Mobile

For me, personally, having good speakers and overall audio experience is a big advantage. I’ve passed on a lot of phones just because the audio their speakers produced weren’t up to my standards. Good speakers mean good listening, watching, or even gaming experience. It even makes a difference in calling and video recording experience. So, you may want to think twice the next time you decide to purchase a smartphone. As you see, a lot of factors are depended on a good audio technology.

As I’ve already mentioned, this isn’t the first time OnePlus and Dirac partnered. They’ve teamed up a couple of times before, and while I’ve never considered OnePlus’ speakers to be top-notch, I can say that they’ve never failed and they’re definitely more than your typical budget phone speakers. In our interview with Mr. Rudolphi he talked to us about the different technologies they use to improve audio experience, as well as how they’re fitting all those implementations into the tiniest speaker.

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