Some OnePlus 6 owners report display flickering issue in bright light when adaptive brightness is on

Some OnePlus 6 owners report display flickering issue in bright light when adaptive brightness is on

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OnePlus as a company isn’t a stranger to display issues. With the advent of the OnePlus 5, there was one issue that the device was notorious for – the jelly scrolling effect. Now another issue is rearing its head with the OnePlus 6, but it appears to, thankfully, mainly be a software issue rather than a hardware one. Many users across the internet (including our own forums) are reporting a display flickering issue when adaptive brightness is left on in bright light. What could potentially be worrying is that not everybody reports having it, though admittedly that could simply be because it’s hard to notice.

I personally have noticed the issue, but there are a few possibilities that don’t involve hardware failure. We discovered the existence of a high brightness mode in our display analysis of the OnePlus 6, which is a fairly common feature of AMOLED panels. It’s simply an extra high brightness mode that is typically enabled when the device faces bright light. It could be that OnePlus has set the threshold for it too high so that moving your phone briefly can be enough to switch the high brightness mode off. This would be enough to cause the perceived screen flicker that users are reporting. I can reproduce it by holding my phone in bright light with a white application and tilting my phone a little bit away from the light.

If it does turn out to be that issue, then it may simply go unnoticed by the majority of users as it’s just hard to notice. It doesn’t appear to be a hardware issue anyway, which means it should be fixable through software. Either way, we hope that OnePlus can address the issue and put our fears to rest. While all signs point to it being a software issue, we should still be wary that it could still be something that the company won’t or can’t fix. We’ll be sure to let you know if we learn more information.

Via: AndroidPolice