We Sent Out Free OnePlus 6 Units to our Development Community. Here is what they’re working on.

We Sent Out Free OnePlus 6 Units to our Development Community. Here is what they’re working on.

In June, we teamed up with OnePlus to offer a developer program to help encourage development within the XDA community. A handful of the top developers from the forums were chosen to receive a free OnePlus 6 for their projects. Now that most of them have had the phone for a bit, we wanted to show you what kind of projects are currently in the works.

Flash Kernel is a development project from XDA User nathanchance

XDA members darkobas, kldoc,
maxwen, and vache bring Omni ROM to the OnePlus 6

eng.stk brings his very popular blu_spark kernel to the OnePlus 6

This early build of LineageOS 15.1 is brought to you by contributors LuK1337, luca020400, raymanfx, maniac103, and others

zx2c4 is working on optimizing WireGuard for the OnePlus 6

XDA users cstark and Arnova8G2 have a project focusing on a Google Camera port

XDA user franciscofranco brings his popular Franco Kernel to the OnePlus 6

XDA user flar2 brings his popular ElementalX kernel to the OnePlus 6

The popular TWRP custom recovery is available thanks to Dees_Troy

We have started staging for bringing a more pure EAS experience to the OP6. The point being to create a clean base to apply our vision of EAS along with our own changes. The ultimate goal will be the continuation of our project, RenderZenith, for the OP6.


Part of the great performance of WireGuard comes from its SIMD-accelerated cryptographic primitives, and so there’s been some interesting work with the Oneplus 6 / SDM845 to assess how the ChaCha20 and Poly1305 implementations are performing from inside of the kernel. I’ve also been looking at minimizing latency and maximizing system responsiveness — reducing jank — even when WireGuard is at high load, by making sure SIMD batching and kernel preemption play nicely together.


Since receiving my OP6 I’ve been working on solidifying system-as-root and Treble support on my AnyKernel2 project which is used by the majority of the custom kernel community across many devices.


blu_spark kernel and mods are well know around OnePlus fans (it’s present in almost all OnePlus devices). The kernel has a stockish feeling, things that need to get out of the way normally are disabled (so users can get it back if needed) and only useful things are handpicked to enhance UX out of the box. Stability is paramount and optimizations are the drive that people can rely on. Patches are picked to improve stability, battery, performance and security when needed, always build with custom toolchains with target optimizations in mind to get the best out of the arch/Soc. Some usual added goodies present in blu_spark: CPUfreq/scheduler/graphic stack performance improvements, architecture optimizations and fixes, removed cruft like logging and debug, patched SafetyNet flags to pass CTS, IO scheduling and other storage/filesystem stuff, USB fast charge, haptic/vibration strength tunables, battery/notification LED control, Wakelock blockers, WireGuard, KCAL, Anykernel2 systemless installer… Latest OnePlus 6 take also has mainlined schedutil CPU governor (blu_schedutil), blu_settings Magisk module (for simple & on-the-fly kernel tweaks) and blu_twrp modded recovery for the usual all-around blu_spark device experience.


I am developing Flash Kernel, a kernel focused on stability and security. These are the major features in my kernel (not to brag or anything but I was the first to do all of these things). Merged the latest Linux version from kernel.org, which includes a bunch of bug and security fixes for drivers upstream like ext4 and the networking stack. Merged the latest CAF tag (LA.UM.6.3.r4-04300-sdm845.0), which includes bug and security fixes for Qualcomm drivers. Built with Clang, which Google uses on the Pixel 2 and Chrome OS. It helped fix some warnings/bugs in Qualcomm’s code. I also build with the latest GCC so that I can fix those warnings as well.


These are just a few of some of the amazing development project underway for the OnePlus 6. Keep an eye of the forums to stay up to date with the latest ROMs, Kernels, and more.

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