Get Google Pixel’s Gestures for the OnePlus 6 on Android P

Get Google Pixel’s Gestures for the OnePlus 6 on Android P

Android P Beta 3 for the OnePlus 6 just launched, and we’ve covered all of the new changes in-depth here. Those looking at some of the screenshots we took may have noticed that the navigation bar has changed, and that’s because we managed to figure out how to enable the new Navigation Gestures from the Google Pixel on the OnePlus 6. All you need is adb and you can enable them too. You don’t even need root access! If you’re interested, read on.

How to enable Google Pixel Navigation Gestures on the OnePlus 6 Android P Beta 3

Step  1 – Set up adb and USB debugging

This part is easy. You can simply follow our tutorial to setup adb here. Next, follow the screenshots below to enable USB debugging on your OnePlus 6 on Android P.

  1. Navigate to Settings > System > About phone
  2. Tap “Build number” until it says you are a developer.
  3. Go back one screen and enter Developer Options.
  4. Enable “USB Debugging.

Step 2 – adb command

Now, this is where we enable the pixel gestures. Make sure you have your phone connected and you’ve granted access to your computer to debug it. Then run the following command in adb.

adb shell settings put secure swipe_up_to_switch_apps_enabled 1

Take a look at your OnePlus 6. The new navigation bar should be active!

That’s really it! All this setting does is re-enable the gestures, which are a part of AOSP. OnePlus seemingly left them in, and they work more or less perfectly. You can’t use a different launcher with them enabled, but that’s the only bug we’ve noticed so far. You’ll repeatedly get a notification telling you that OnePlus Launcher has crashed if you do, and you won’t be able to switch applications. When I switched back to OnePlus Launcher after having this happen, I had my launcher look like the image below.

Let us know if you find any others issues! And if you’re looking for a different style of gestures, check out XDA’s own Navigation Gestures app below.

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