Mock-up OnePlus 6 will have the option to “hide” the display notch

OnePlus 6 will have the option to “hide” the display notch

Without a doubt, the most controversial smartphone trend of 2018 has been the display notch. Essential and Apple kicked this off last year and we’ve already seen it on plenty of devices this year. Xiaomi, Huawei, and ASUS have already shown off notched devices. The LG G7 and OnePlus 6 will soon join the notch squad. Every manufacturer has a different reason for adopting the notch, and we’re seeing different approaches to how the software handles it.

Last week, OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei attempted to get ahead of the potential backlash by explaining their reasoning for the notch. He argued the display notch essentially moves the notification bar higher up, which allows more content to be displayed. A lot of users aren’t convinced by this reasoning. They say the notch gets in the way when watching videos or using the phone in landscape mode. As a compromise, Pete Lau says the OnePlus 6 will include a feature we first saw in the Huawei P20. Users can “hide” the notch with software.

Hide notch feature on Huawei P20

“Hiding” the notch simply puts a black bar on the sides. This makes the phone look like it has a more traditional bezel at the top. The P20 still uses the space for the notification bar, but everything else stays below. OnePlus could “hide” it even more and put the notification bar below the notch. When the OnePlus 6 becomes available, we recommend giving the notch a fair shake before hiding it. OnePlus says they are taking great care to make sure the notch doesn’t interfere with things like video. Will you opt to hide the notch?

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