OnePlus 6 receives HydrogenOS 5.1.11 with fixes for standby, games, connectivity, and more

OnePlus 6 receives HydrogenOS 5.1.11 with fixes for standby, games, connectivity, and more

The OnePlus 6 launched at the end of May, and so far the company has been doing a decent job keeping it updated. With a number of updates to OxygenOS so far, a number of features have been added. HydrogenOS is OnePlus’ Chinese version of their flavor of Android, and it lacks Google Apps amongst other things. OnePlus has effectively been using it as a beta test for OxygenOS users, as there is no Open Beta program yet. When a new version of HydrogenOS releases, it generally means a new OxygenOS release is imminent. HydrogenOS 5.1.11 is here, and it brings fixes for standby, games, connectivity, and a whole lot more.

You can read the changelog translated from Mandarin below.

  • System enhancements
  • New standby function (new standby optimizations need to be activated manually)
  • Activating flash (screen off gesture) improved
  • Camera clarity is improved
  • Wifi stability is improved
  • Gaming with dual 4g is improved
  • Bluetooth car connection and stability is improved
  • Some sounds issues with games fixed (like game sounds are low after activating of the microphone)

There are a number of things to take from this changelog, including the addition of system enhancements and camera clarity improvements. Since OxygenOS 5.1.8, users have been complaining about battery drainage on their OnePlus 6. It’s possible that this update fixes it, and a new standby function also means that OnePlus is focused on battery life too. The camera clarity improvements should hopefully do away with that “oil painting” effect – something the OnePlus 5T was just updated to fix. Gaming improvements are good too, considering we’ve seen how great this device is for gaming.

With this release, we can expect a new release of OxygenOS to be imminent. The company already talked about releasing a new stable build this week on their forums, so it’s likely to have the same or similar changelog.

Via: OnePlus 6 XDA Forums

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