OnePlus 6 kernel source code now available

OnePlus 6 kernel source code now available

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The OnePlus 6 was announced last week. The day after it was unveiled, OnePlus announced on their forums that the Android P beta was available to download, and the kernel sources were also already available. However, the kernel sources were not actually available on the OnePlus GitHub at the time. That has changed, however, so developers can now start working on the device to bring TWRP and AOSP-based custom ROMs.

The OnePlus 6, to bring you up to speed, is probably the fastest phone on the market currently. It has a lot of potential that developers would surely be able to make use of. For those of you who are a fan of custom AOSP-based ROMs such as LineageOS 15.1 rather than the stock OxygenOS software on the OnePlus 6, then you will be happy to know that the kernel source is available. After a developer ports TWRP to the device, it’ll take some time for developers to create a stable device tree for AOSP-based custom ROMs especially since the OnePlus 6 joins the list of devices with A/B dual partitions for seamless updates. But thanks to Project Treble compatibility, we should see the device boot a Generic System Image (GSI) within a few days.

OnePlus as a company has a storied history when it comes to kernel source code releases. With the OnePlus 3, the company failed to release kernel sources for updated versions of OxygenOS, which hampered the work of custom ROM and kernel developers. Things are different now as the company aims to release them as soon as possible. The OnePlus 5 had its kernel sources released the day of launch last year and in keeping with that trend they did the same for the OnePlus 5T and now the OnePlus 6.

View the OnePlus 6 Kernel Source Code