OnePlus 6 will reportedly have a 19:9 notched display

OnePlus 6 will reportedly have a 19:9 notched display

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The smartphone industry tends to change in waves as OEMs follow what they think customers want. A while ago, the trend was (and still is) increasing the screen size. Then we had a trend of devices shifting to 1440p displays. After that, we started seeing companies actually focusing on the camera quality. Last year, the trend was the shift of moving away from the traditional 16:9 aspect ratio in favor of making devices easier to hold. Now the trend seems to be the infamous notch that was pioneered by the Essential Phone and iPhone X. A new rumor claims the upcoming OnePlus 6 flagship will follow suit.

If you paid attention to Mobile World Congress last month you probably noticed this trend starting to pick up. We’re seeing companies such as Noa, Doogee, Ulefone, Huawei, LG, and ASUS all showing off devices that have adopted this new notch design. Some aren’t even making the appropriate software changes to prevent the notch from getting in the way of certain UI elements. Now, a new rumor claims that the OnePlus 6 will also be following this trend and will come equipped with a 19:9 aspect ratio notched display.

We first heard about the possibility of this happening when the two images embedded above were leaked. These images come from a website called ITHome and it’s apparently what we are to expect from OnePlus later this year. The source wasn’t considered reliable so we didn’t report on it, but now Android Central says they received some information that backs up this notched display rumor. They aren’t claiming these photos are real, but their close sources did tell them the phone will have a 19:9 aspect ratio notched display with slim bezels.

They were also given a couple of screenshots of what is said to be benchmark scores from the OnePlus 6. Xiaomi’s upcoming Mi Mix 2S had just recently set the record on AnTuTu, but the results from the alleged OnePlus 6 show it beating out Xiaomi’s best with an overall score of 276,510.

Source: Android Central