Deal: Get $100 off the OnePlus 6 or Extra Chargers with the OnePlus 6T

Deal: Get $100 off the OnePlus 6 or Extra Chargers with the OnePlus 6T

OnePlus’ two smartphone-a-year strategy has paid off tremendously for the company. The OnePlus 6 sold 1 million units in 22 days and helped the company overtake Samsung in India’s flagship market. The OnePlus 6T is their first device to be sold on a major U.S. carrier and is on pace to outsell the OnePlus 6. Joining the rest of the world in offering sales during Black Friday week, OnePlus is discounting every available OnePlus 6 model by $100 and is offering bundles with their charger accessories for those who decide to buy the OnePlus 6T instead. Here are the details of the sale.

OnePlus 6 Deals

All available variants of the device will be discounted by $100. That includes the Mirror Black, Silk White, and Midnight Black, though some of the RAM and storage variants may already be sold out. With this sale, you’ll be able to get a new device for as low as $429.


Buy the OnePlus 6

The offer is valid until November 26th, or as long as supplies last. The sale is available on the U.S. and Canadian OnePlus store. (For Canada, the device is discounted by 130 CAD).

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OnePlus 6T Deals

The company isn’t just clearing up their inventory of the previous model, though. They’re also offering deals on the new model. If you buy the 128GB OnePlus 6T, you’ll get an extra fast charge brick and USB Type-C cable. If you buy the 256GB OnePlus 6T, you’ll get a free fast car charger.

Buy the OnePlus 6T

This deal is valid until November 26th, or until supplies last.

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Which should you get?

Both devices are perfectly capable flagships and well worth their price. Both devices have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset, up to 8GB RAM, up to 256GB storage, run Android 9 Pie, and have the same camera sensors. The OnePlus 6T has an in-display fingerprint scanner, a higher screen-to-body ratio, and a larger battery at the cost of a missing 3.5mm headphone jack and notification LED. The 6T can also be used on Verizon Wireless, while the 6 cannot. Check out our review of the OnePlus 6’s performance and camera quality (part 1 and part 2) and our OnePlus 6T review to get a better idea about the differences between the two devices.

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