OnePlus 6’s OxygenOS Open Beta 7 update adds OnePlus Roaming service and Video Enhancer feature

OnePlus 6’s OxygenOS Open Beta 7 update adds OnePlus Roaming service and Video Enhancer feature

The OnePlus 6T is OnePlus’s latest flagship, and en route to becoming their most successful one as well. But the existence of the 6T does not take away from the value and utility of the OnePlus 6, which arguably offers a better value experience. OnePlus also hasn’t forgotten about their previous flagship, as the OnePlus 6 has now received its newest Open Beta release adding in new features to the smartphone.

OxygenOS Open Beta 7 for the OnePlus 6 adds in two new features, namely the Video Enhancer mode and the OnePlus Roaming service. The Video Enhancer mode “enhances color” while watching videos, claiming a better experience. The OnePlus Roaming service is comparable to a virtual SIM service for data-only usage. This service will allow you to be connected to the internet without needing a local SIM card. Do note that this is a paid service, so you do need to purchase a suitable plan for the country/region that you are in. The plans are not cheap when compared to local SIM data rates, but the service is more convenient and hassle-free than purchasing a local SIM.

OnePlus 6 Open Beta 7 Changelog:

  • System
    • Added Video Enhancer feature
    • Added OnePlus Roaming
  • Communication
    • Added vibration when hanging up
    • UI Improvements for emergency rescue
    • Now able to assign a specific SIM for a specific contact or group of contacts when using dual SIM
  • Launcher
    • Added User Agreement and Privacy Policy
    • App drawer options under launcher settings
    • General bug fixes and performance improvements

As with Open Betas, there may be bugs lurking around in the OS, so it is generally advisable that you stay away from Betas if you need stable software at all times. If you are on a previous Open Beta, you will receive the Open Beta 7 build through an OTA. Migrating back to the stable channel after flashing the Open Beta would require a complete data wipe.

Source: OnePlus Forums

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