Round-up: Here are the top OnePlus 6T Custom ROMs and Kernels

Round-up: Here are the top OnePlus 6T Custom ROMs and Kernels

OnePlus is a company that has always treated the custom ROM community well. Providing development devices, early kernel source code releases, and more makes OnePlus devices some of the most popular for custom development, and our OnePlus 6T forums are a testament to that. With the launch of the OnePlus 7 on the horizon, current OnePlus 6T owners may be looking for something new (and free) to hold them over until it’s time to upgrade. We’ve picked out some of the most popular custom ROMs and kernels on our OnePlus 6T forums for you to check out below.

OnePlus 6T Forums

OnePlus 6T Custom ROMs


LineageOS 16

LineageOS is considered by many to be the go-to custom ROM. It’s AOSP-based with some other changes built-in, and it works pretty well on the OnePlus 6T. We did an in-depth hands-on review of LineageOS 16 when it launched, which you can check out here. There are loads of features worth noting, however.


Feature spotlight:

  • Custom stock applications like Audio EQ, Calendar, a screen recorder, and the Jelly browser.
  • System-wide dark mode
  • LiveDisplay for color modification
  • LineageOS Privacy Guard for more granular permissions
  • Stability

If you want to try out LineageOS 16 on your OnePlus 6T, you can check out the forum link below. Keep in mind that there is not an official build for the OnePlus 6T, which makes this is an unofficial build. The build is maintained by both XDA Recognised Developer LuK1337 and XDA Recognised Developer luca020400 who are both members of the LineageOS team, though.

Unofficial LineageOS for the OnePlus 6T



OmniROM is another famous name in the scene, and there’s an official ROM available for the OnePlus 6T maintained by XDA Senior Member micky387. OmniGears houses pretty much all of the settings you could ever want including OmniSwitch, Ambient Display, off-screen gestures, more music controls and more. You can give it a try at the link below.

Feature spotlight:

  • Omni Switch
  • In-display fingerprint sensor
  • Always on Display

OmniROM for the OnePlus 6T


HavocOS is based on Android Pie and it’s inspired by the Google Pixel. It’s maintained by a team composed of XDA Members Eliminater, Linuxpenguin, ZeNiXxX, SKULSHADY, zzkW35 and theo.j22. You can check out the full list of features below.

Feature spotlight:

  • Pixel Lockscreen weather
  • Wakelock and alarm blocker
  • Pie controls
  • Always on Display

HavocOS for the OnePlus 6T

Pixel Experience

Pixel Experience aims to turn your OnePlus 6T into a Google Pixel with nearly all of the related goodies as well. That means that you get a new boot animation, new sounds, icons, wallpapers, a new launcher, and even features like always listening music detection. saksham_033 maintains this unofficial build of Pixel Experience for the OnePlus 6T.

Feature spotlight:

  • Always listening music detection
  • Pixel applications, fonts and bootloader animation

Pixel Experience for the OnePlus 6T

Resurrection Remix

Resurrection Remix is a mixture of features from all kinds of custom ROMs, and there’s an unofficial build of it available for the OnePlus 6T! Maintained by XDA Senior Member 8224Freak, the only main issue at the moment is that the fingerprint sensor doesn’t work yet. It has the OnePlus Camera and Gallery applications, performance improvements and features from LineageOS, OmniROM, and SlimROMs.

Feature spotlight:

  • Pretty much anything you can think of from any popular ROM.

Resurrection Remix for the OnePlus 6T

Liquid Remix

Liquid Remix takes a very similar approach to ROM making as Resurrection Remix, in that it aims to pack the system full of features from all kinds of ROMs. Those ROMs include AOSiP, LineageOS, Dirty Unicorns, Havoc OS, Invictrix, and NitrogenOS. It’s maintained by XDA Senior Member liquid0624.

Feature spotlight:

  • Pretty much anything you can think of from any popular ROM.

Liquid Remix for the OnePlus 6T


BootleggersROM follows very much in the footsteps of both Resurrection Remix and Liquid Remix in that it has features from loads of different ROMs. On top of that, it features a wide range of customization options for the boot animation, sounds, fonts, and themes. It’s based on AOSP, just like most other ROMS in this post. You can check out the main features below.

Feature spotlight:

  • More granular application permissions
  • Style the recents menu
  • Suspend actions to disable GPS or switch to 2G when you aren’t using your device.

BootleggersROM for the OnePlus 6T


SkyDragon is another custom ROM based on AOSP, but it also offers a kernel that you can get as a standalone for OxygenOS as well. It’s maintained by the SkyDragon team and has a lot of features on offer.

Feature spotlight:

  • Custom theme support for accents, primary colours and notifications.
  • Screen-off on-display gestures.
  • System wakelock and alarm blocker.

SkyDragon for the OnePlus 6T

OnePlus 6T Custom Kernels


RenderZenith is a joint venture between XDA Recognised Developer RenderBroken and XDA Recognised Developer joshuous. It’s a purely-EAS-based kernel for the OnePlus 6T, with some extra features as well.

  • Energy Aware Scheduler enabled
  • Upstreamed to 4.9.150
  • Dynamic Stune Boost
  • Wake Gestures
  • KCAL Color Control
  • Sound Control
  • LED Control
  • Min Back Light Control
  • Wireguard
  • Vibration Control
  • USB Fast Charge

RenderZenith for the OnePlus 6T

arter97 kernel

XDA Recognised Developer arter97 has brought his work to the OnePlus 6T, and it has a lot of features and changes.

  • Fully rebased kernel with OnePlus’ debugging code out
  • Latest CAF msm-4.9 kernel fully merged
  • This kernel contains more cutting-edge changes from Qualcomm than the regular sdm845 tag
  • Latest Linux 4.9 subversion merged
  • Use CONFIG_HZ = 300
    • This changes context switching interval from 10ms to 3.33ms
    • Pixel used this for years and Google recommends other vendors to do the same for fewer jitters
  • Memory management improved(from Pixel 2 & 3)
  • Pixel’s lowmemorykiller used
  • DM-verity fully disabled (you can remount /vendor to R/W properly)
  • Scheduler commits cherry-picked from Pixel 3
  • Timer optimizations
  • Additional power savings applied to the display panel
  • Heavily optimized touch panel source code resulting in reduced touch latency
  • RTL8152/8153 USB LAN adapter support
  • TWRP integrated with proper f2fs support (see below)
  • Other various optimizations from Paranoid Android
  • Permissive SELinux
  • Passes SafetyNet
  • Built with -O3 speed optimizations
  • Built with latest GCC
  • Westwood as default TCP network congestion control
  • UFS optimizations
  • Entropy hook on storage removed
  • Latest mainline f2fs support with GC fixes
  • CFQ I/O scheduler backported from mainline
  • Systemless installation (the kernel doesn’t touch /system or /vendor)
  • Modules support disabled for lighter kernel
  • WireGuard support
  • Removed RTB(interrupt) logging entirely
  • Various changes merged from the Razer Phone 2 and Snapdragon 855

arter97 kernel for the OnePlus 6T


XDA Recognised Developer flar2‘s ElementalX is one of the most famous custom kernels on our forums and it’s available for the OnePlus 6T. You can check out its list of features below.

  • Wake Gestures support (sweep2wake & doubletap2wake)
  • Sweep2sleep
  • Sound control (speaker, earpiece and mic)
  • Backlight min setting
  • Adjust or disable vibration
  • Advanced Color Control and K-Lapse
  • Option to disable gesture vibration
  • Block wakelocks
  • FIOPS, CFQ, deadline, noop, maple and SIO i/o schedulers
  • NTFS r/w, CIFS and NFS support
  • WireGuard support
  • Option to disable fsync
  • Performance and power optimizations
  • Pass SafetyNet

ElementalX for the OnePlus 6T

He also maintains an app on Google Play to help you tune the kernel.

EX Kernel Manager
Developer: flar2
Price: $4.99


XDA Senior Member eng.stk‘s blu_spark is another popular kernel that’s available for the OnePlus 6T as well as a lot of other OnePlus devices as well.

  • Build with custom toolchain blu_gcc-8.3.0 (cortex-a75.cortex-a55 targeted, build with latest Crosstool-NG from GCC-8.3.0 snapshot)
  • Full -O2 build with device and target flags enhanced, linaro build improvements, etc
  • Less is more: stockish OP6T builds based on OnePlusOSS/android_kernel_oneplus_sdm845
  • Systemless installer (doesn’t touch system partition, OTA friendly), AnyKernel2 backend (compatible with autoflash apps)
  • Removed some debug and logging options
  • ARM enhanced performance and battery patches
  • CVE security patches, general upstream and CAF fixes
  • Several CPU Governors (blu_schedutil modded governor available)
  • No OC, use 100HZ base timer frequency
  • msm_performance touchboost toggle on/off (enabled by default), tweaked cpu_boost driver (Dynamic stune available)
  • Enhanced TCP methods (westwood is default), Network tweaks and updated drivers
  • Several I/O control tweaks, added schedulers FIOPS and ZEN v2 is default, advanced filesystems (F2FS, ExFAT, NTFS, CIFS & NFS)
  • Patched SafetyNet flags to pass CTS
  • Stock thermal driver by default
  • ZRAM Swap (LZ4) and adaptive LMK on by default
  • Vibrator Strength tunable and Gesture Haptic Feedback control (touchpanel and FPR)
  • KGSL fixes and reworked GPU driver
  • KCAL – Advanced color control for Qualcomm MDSS v2 (RGB calibration and post-processing features)
  • KLAPSE support (v4.3)
  • USB Fast Charge (USB mode up to 900mA with MTP on)
  • FS fsync toggle on/off
  • Wakelock blockers available
  • wireguard support
  • CDROM emulation on mass_storage (compatible with DriveDroid 0.10.36+)
  • init.d support (put your scripts in /system/su.d or / [systemless SuperSU], /magisk/.core/post-fs-data.d [Magisk])
  • Compatible with Kernel Adiutor and others

blu_spark for the OnePlus 6T

Franco Kernel

Franco Kernel by XDA Recognised Developer franciscofranco is available on lots of different devices and is primarily around optimising both performance and battery life.

Franco Kernel for the OnePlus 6T

There’s also an app to help you customize it to your liking. Check it out on Google Play.

Franco Kernel Manager
Developer: Francisco Franco
Price: $1.49

Radioactive Kernel

Radioactive Kernel is maintained by XDA Recognized Contributor / Recognized Developer acuicultor, and you can check out its top features below.

  • Compiled with GCC 8.X Toolchain
  • Packed with Anykernel2 with ability to preserve magisk
  • Works on op6 and op6t
  • Linux kernel version 4.9.170
  • Option to disable/enable Fsync
  • I/O schedulers: Cfq, Bfq, Noop, Deadline, Zen, Maple, Fiops, Sio, Anxiety
  • Schedutil and performance governors
  • Dynamic schedtune boost
  • Adrenoboost
  • Enabled advanced TCP algorithms
  • Kcal Control: Colors, Saturation, Hue, Contrast and more
  • Flar2’s sound control
  • Backlight dimmer option and high brightness option
  • K-Lapse support by @tanish2k09
  • Option to disable some wakelocks
  • Enabled Zram with lz4 compression
  • Sweep2sleep, sweep2wake and vibration control
  • WIREGUARD support
  • Boeffla’s led control
  • Removed a lot of debugging to gain performance

Radioactive Kernel for the OnePlus 6T


SmurfKernel by XDA Senior Member pappschlumpf is all about giving users control over their device’s clockspeeds, with many different power profiles to choose from. The kernel is unified too, so will work on both OOS and non-OOS ROMs. You can check out the full features below!

  • Unified kernel for OOS and custom ROMs
  • GPU OC up to 844 MHz
  • GPU UC to 180 MHz
  • CPU minimum 300 MHz
  • GPU Input boost (off / 257 / 342 MHz)
  • Input stune boost extender
  • High / Medium / Low boost presets
  • Klapse Livedisplay by @tanish2k09
  • Wireguard
  • Linux 4.9.161
  • OOS 5.1.11
  • OOS Pie
  • Avengers Theme support (Oreo only)
  • Spectrum and FK profiles support
  • Lineage / Havoc / OmniROM supported
SmurfKernel for the OnePlus 6T

Do you have a OnePlus 6T? If so, do you run OxygenOS on it or a custom ROM? Tell us more about your setup in the comments below!

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