OnePlus 6T Forums are now open on XDA

OnePlus 6T Forums are now open on XDA

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OnePlus is one of the most popular smartphone device makers on the XDA forums thanks to a combination of their devices’ pricing, features, and software customizability. Their devices have usually been equipped with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon system-on-chip and loads of RAM and storage. Their strict schedule of releasing two smartphone flagships a year means you’ll it’s never a bad time to consider their current offering. And in general, their flagship devices tend to be cheaper than most flagship devices with equivalent specifications. We expect nothing less from the upcoming OnePlus 6T.

Just going by history, the OnePlus 6T’s launch is coming soon. We’ve been hearing that the device will not come with a headphone jack, but it will offer a larger battery and wired USB Type-C Bullets earbuds. We also know that it will have an in-display fingerprint scanner. That could make it the first smartphone sold in America with an in-display fingerprint scanner if the rumors of it launching on T-Mobile are accurate.

Regardless, the OnePlus 6T will still be a top contender to round out 2018 just going by the previous years’ trends. It will most likely be one of the most developer-friendly devices with instant bootloader unlock access to flash Magisk, TWRP, custom kernels, custom ROMs, and more.

That’s why we’ve just opened our forums for the OnePlus 6T. Once the device launches, expect to see threads for TWRP, LineageOS, ResurrectionRemix, and a whole bunch of other kernels and mods as soon as the device starts shipping to developers. You can check out the forums at the link below.

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