Substratum theme changes the color of the OnePlus 6T’s fingerprint animation

Substratum theme changes the color of the OnePlus 6T’s fingerprint animation

The standout feature on the OnePlus 6T is its in-display fingerprint scanner. While not exactly superior over its predecessor in the current first-generation, in-display fingerprint scanners are the next step forward in smartphone innovation.

If you have the OnePlus 6T and are looking at customizing the animations and graphics of the fingerprint scanner, check out XDA Senior Member mingo_mgx‘s MGx FingerPrint Animation Changer. This is a Substratum theme for the OnePlus 6T that specifically changes the color of the fingerprint animation to Fuchsia Pink. To get this working, you’ll need to unlock the bootloader and root your device, for which we have a tutorial written up. This is unfortunately required since, as of the Android 9 Pie release, Substratum themes no longer work without root.

Since this is an initial release, there are limitations on what you can do right now. The green light that is present under the finger still remains, this theme changes the animation around the finger. The color is also hardcoded to Fuchsia Pink, though the developer promises to bring in more color options soon. The 6T has not been available for very long, but we hope to see more mods for the device in the coming weeks.

Download MGx FingerPrint Animation Changer

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