OnePlus 6T’s in-display fingerprint scanner gets better over time

OnePlus 6T’s in-display fingerprint scanner gets better over time

One of the most noteworthy features of the OnePlus 6T is the in-display fingerprint scanner. This is a budding technology that we haven’t seen on many mainstream devices yet. OnePlus calls this “Screen Unlock” and they recently took to their forums to explain how it gets better over time.

When the OnePlus 6T was first announced, OnePlus explained their decision to ditch the traditional fingerprint scanner for the in-display fingerprint scanner. They developed the feature for over a year and felt it was ready for primetime. Today, they are talking about how the feature can improve the more you use it.


Yale Liu, a software engineer at OnePlus, had this to say:

“Every time a user successfully unlocks the phone with their fingerprint, the sensor also records areas of the finger that weren’t registered in the initial fingerprint setup stage. This fingerprint data is then added to the data the phone already holds, making it more complete. So, every time the in-display fingerprint sensor is used, it gathers more data about the user’s fingerprint. This means that over time, the phone will unlock even faster.”

OnePlus 6T XDA Forum

So basically, the more you use Screen Unlock, the more your finger is learned. With each successful unlock, the OnePlus 6T gathers more information about your fingerprint. As mentioned in their previous post on the topic, this fingerprint data is stored in a “Trust Zone” of the Snapdragon 845 chipset.

Yale also mentions that Screen Unlock is smart enough to recognize a fingerprint when there are small irregularities, such as water or a cut. Like before, it will record the new information as part of your fingerprint profile. The OnePlus 6T will know your fingerprint like you know the back of your hand.

Source: OnePlus

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