OnePlus’ next special edition smartphone will be a McLaren OnePlus 6T

OnePlus’ next special edition smartphone will be a McLaren OnePlus 6T

OnePlus loves to release special edition phones in different colors and themes. This is a popular tactic in the smartphone industry to bring a device back to the forefront of attention. It’s like announcing a new phone without actually making a new phone. OnePlus’ next special edition device will be a McLaren OnePlus 6T.

OnePlus has partnered with the McLaren Formula 1 Team for an event on December 11th. As the clues on the page reveal, they will be showing off a special McLaren-themed OnePlus 6T. It’s probably safe to assume this means an orange phone with a few beefed-up specs for an absurd price. That’s usually what happens when phone makers team up with luxury car brands.

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We’ve seen many special edition devices from OnePlus in the past. Most recently, there was an Avengers version of the OnePlus 6. Before that, they had a Star Wars edition of the OnePlus 5T. We don’t know much in specifics about this McLaren edition, but it will most likely be the most gimmicky yet. The event will be held at McLaren’s Technology Centre in the UK. Are you interested in this device at all? How do you feel about special edition phones in general?

Source: McLaren

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